The Big Day is Approaching –

                  Book Release – Tuesday, October 16, 2018

                                      E-Book and Paperbook


In recognition of the launch of my new book, entitled “Never Say, I Have Nothing to Wear”. Again! I will send you a daily message regarding reasons you have nothing to wear. The book is set to launch on October 16th and in celebration of that I want to share some wisdom inspired by the book.

                        #9 Reason You Don’t Have Anything to Wear


            You’re Shopping without thinking of your Wardrobe!

I’m sure the feeling is a familiar one: you open your closet and with your hands on your hips, you say, “I have nothing to wear”. Yet here you are, with clothes in your closet. You Do have something to wear!

What are your purchasing habits? Do you shop trends instead of having basics that match anything? Do you shop when you are emotional, (happy or sad)? Do your clothes match with what’s in your closet, you can’t create outfits or constantly trying on different personality styles that’s not your style or feel good on you?

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