Red. Can You Wear It?

February has us seeing red all month long with Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day. But due to it’s popularity, I receive numerous questions about the color all year long. So, with love in the air, I thought this would be an ideal time to talk about my favorite color, answer some common questions and help you embrace this fabulous color and say “YES!” to wearing red.

1. Is Red Your Personality?

Red is my favorite color and I wear it in numerous ways; either as an accent color or dress, pant, coat, top, shoes or scarf. However, in nature, as in business and life, red can be an emotionally intense color.

A woman wearing a red suit stands out in a crowd of grey, black and navy.

Red is associated with blood, fire, energy, desire, power, danger and love, all at the same time!  As such, our brain and eyes are drawn to pick up the color instantly, which means if you are wanting to stand out and boost your confidence, then red should be your color of choice.

On the other hand, if you’re hesitant to call attention to yourself and prefer not to be noticed, then I don’t recommend you wear it as the focal point of your outfit. You will not project correctly. 

What do I mean by project? Well, while you may not realize it, people can tell if you don’t feel good about what you’re wearing. The way you walk and talk as well as the your non-verbal body language, will communicate this. However, if you really do like the color, choose to wear red as an accent as opposed to the focal point and feel great about it. REMEMBER: Your subconscious will project, so this is a color where your feelings must align with your outside image.

2. Are You Wearing The Right Shade?

Color blocks showing examples of warm red and cool red

Perhaps your issue with red centers around its various shades.  This is where having a color analysis to determine your palette is helpful.  Don’t worry if you haven’t done a full analysis (yet). You can still figure out the best red for you and your skin complexion.

Red comes in two shades: warm and cool. Look at the warm and cool red side-by-side. It clearly shows how warm red has more yellow as its base while the cool red has blue.

People who look best in warm reds also look better in warmer colors like browns, oranges, yellows, and rust.  Think “fall” tones. People who look better in cool reds also look best in jewel tones like magenta, royal blue, bright purples and black.

You can hold swatches or a blouse in both shades close to your face, to determine which shade looks best on you.  With proper lighting, you will see and feel it instantly.

Get Help From Metallics

Another quick tip is to use your favorite metallic, such as silver or gold jewelry, as a guide. If silver is most flattering on you, then most likely you look better in cool red.  If gold looks best on you, then a warm red is the answer.

There are some skin tones that can get away with wearing either a warm or cool red. (Especially darker complexions). I’m in this category. Even though I wear a lot of cool red with blue undertones, I can just as easily wear a warm shade.  In this situation, choose the shade you prefer and accessorize accordingly, with gold for warms and silver for cool.

3. How Much Red Should You Wear?

In addition to feelings and skin tone, also pay close attention to what your goal is for the day.

Red is my favorite color. I wear it socially and professionally. In business situations I wear it when I need to be in a position of leadership and present new ideas. It evokes a feeling of confidence in me and others see it. However, if you have a sales call or plan to negotiate for something you want, you may want to reconsider.

Red is a power color. Studies have shown it can increase your heart rate. It can raise metabolism and increase blood pressure, which means it has the potential to make the other person uncomfortable.  However, if this is what you desire, then go for it!

Again, the important thing to consider is how you feel when you wear it. Once this battle is conquered, you can figure out the right shade you should wear.

If you truly don’t want to wear red, try these colors instead:

White or Creme – This color is a winner anytime of the year. Wear monochrome from head to toe, for a chic, classic look. Pair different shades of creme to be totally lux and glam.

Blush – Blush is a romantic light pink that represents feminine, delicate qualities.

The Duchess Megan Markle in red coat and purple dress.

Purple or Royal Blue – Both colors symbolize luxury and royalty. Notice in this picture, how the color blocks of purple and red compliment Duchess Megan Markle’s skin tone?

Custom Color Analysis

The key to wearing any color is to know that it looks good on you and that it enhances your eyes, hair and complexion. While using swatches is a temporary and quick fix, knowing your full color palette makes getting dressed and shopping so much easier. If you would like to learn more about color analysis, contact me at or click the link below.

Custom Color Analysis

3 Ways to Dress for Valentine’s Day!



Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go on a romantic date with your special friend, significant other or husband. If you are not planning to go out for the evening, you can still dress up for the office, your business client or just for meeting a friend for lunch or dinner.

If you don’t have anyone special in your life at this time, then be your own Valentine! Dress for yourself and do something special to celebrate being you. When was the last time you treated yourself to something nice? If you can’t remember, then Valentine’s Day might be the gentle reminder you need. You deserve to do something special that you enjoy every once in a while.


If you do plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are a few of my ideas on what to wear:


Look alluring, show some skin

If you are planning to go out on a date, a dress should be at the top of your list of choices. With so many of us wearing pants now, I think a dress is so unexpected and it makes it extra special. And we all are well aware that men love women in dresses so why not surprise them since it’s Valentine’s Day after all.

I recommend selecting something in your wardrobe that is attractive on you, flattering on your body type and enhances the highlights of your great features. Don’t forget to show off your curves and be proud of them. Men love women who are confident about their bodies.

I particularly like dresses like the one shown, which covers you in all the right places but are still super sexy. They also comes in plus sizes.

Try to keep the type of dress you wear very simple and elegant and add appropriate accessories to make a subtle standout statement. Nude, purple, leopard, black and red color block shoes all compliment a red dress nicely.




Go for the Stretch, Drape and Elastic and be Comfortable

Soft and stretchy fabrics will flow over your figure and flatter your shape.

Pants with elastic at the waist, stretchy silky blouses and a jacket that is not tight can be your go to outfit for the office or business meeting.Elastic is not the same as it was years ago and no long think and noticeable. See the pant outfit shown here, you would never know the pants have a hidden elastic waist band.

Wrap style dresses are perfect to camouflage the stomach and they look sexy too.

Resist the urge to wear tight dresses because you want to be comfortable. Your clothes should be well-fitted, but they shouldn’t look or feel tight.

The pants outfit is perfect for the office or solid red with the floral red blouse and black jacket. The floral blouse shown has plenty of room to hide areas of the body that you would like to cover up and you still look beautiful.



Animal Prints FOR Valentine’s Day : bring out the Tiger

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love animal prints.  Not only because I’m a Leo (born in August) but I feel good and confident in them. Try adding an animal print scarf or pair of pumps to the outfit, it will be the entire rave, I guarantee you. Since the weather is cold, why not a leopard coat? The coat becomes your focal point and it adds a little drama. You can also wear it as a cape (over the shoulders).


A Quick note about Accessories for Valentine’s Day!

The right accessories are essential to make your Valentine’s Day outfit feel good on you. You can also wear feminine, soft accessories like a soft unstructured handbag and pretty rose gold jewelry and accessories. You can also add a little spark to your look by trying out a new hair style or haircut, but make sure its right for your particular face shape.

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