6 Style Must Haves for Spring

“Fashion is about dressing to what’s fashionable. Style is about being yourself.”

Oscar de la Renta
Style Must Have for 2019 - neutrals!

Mr. Del La Renta’s quote is one of my absolute favorites as it’s a philosophy to which I truly adhere. Every season brings new fashion trends, but this doesn’t mean you should give up your style.

By knowing the elements of your signature or personal style, you can make any fashion trend fit into your existing wardrobe and make every season feel new and exciting!

Here are the 6 style must haves to update your wardrobe for Spring 2019. However, some are “repeats” so be sure to check your closet to “reactivate” some classics you may already have.

They’re back – Florals & Prints

Finally, the cold weather is over and nothing says spring better than floral and print designs.

Style must have for 2019 - floral print, cold shoulder maxi dress
Refreshing floral print dress

While fall colors were dark, this year’s flower motifs represent the color and light that come with brighter spring days.

Here are tips to keep in mind when wearing floral or print designs:

  • Make sure the colors in the print or floral pattern are part of your color palette and match your complexion. Several of this year’s colors lean to the lighter side of the spectrum, so knowing your color palette will ensure they look good on you.
  • Look for light weight fabrics like chiffon or crepe that can cross from spring to summer as the temperatures begin to rise.
  • Don’t limit yourself to bright pastels. Even though bright spring colors are a natural attraction, try to explore the full range of spring inspired colors available, such as this season’s big focus on neutrals such as creme, white and beige.

There is so much versatility with floral and print fabrics this season which makes it much easier to find pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

Casual spring style - Creme, lavender and grey kimono from Marla Wynne
Lavender, & creme print kimono in crepe fabric

Historically, floral designs were found only in dresses, but this year why not try wearing a jumpsuit?  Or perhaps a pair of billowy slacks, patterned shoes or even a light weight, printed scarf? 

The Colors of Spring 2019 – Coral, Blush, Pink, Yellow, Green and Lavender

Pantone Color of the Year – Living Coral

Pantone’s color of the year is coral, with yellow at a close second.  I’m loving this spring’s yellow and if you have an Autumn color palette like me, you can wear a true lemon yellow.  This is not true for everyone so you may need to be careful with yellow. Depending on underlying skin tones, you may need to go with a browner based yellow that leans towards mustard.

Pink and Blush have made a big comeback this season and I see it everywhere. Pink especially has been tip-toeing its way back from previous years. You may have a few items in your wardrobe already, so make certain to check your closet before purchasing anything new.

If you have a lighter complexion or one with olive undertones, light pink and blush can make you appear washed out.  In this case look for a darker Rose with blue undertones to make your skin glow and eyes sparkle.

You will also find lots of lavender and green this year, which fit right in with the leaves and delicate flowers in the floral.

Lavender is a lighter shade of purple and works well with gray, cream, white and pink. Green is also seen in brighter and lighter shades including neon. I recommend caution with neon green.  Like lemon yellow, it’s a shade that you need to make certain compliments your skin.

Wear Neutrals – White, Nude, Beige & Tan

This spring, why not try wearing a neutral color from head to toe, such as white or nude? It is a very classy look for even the most casual of outfits. Accessorize with edgy embellishments like a studded tote & boldly printed sandals to really stand out.

You can also try a top and bottom in one color and the topper in another color such as coral.

Nude is a variation of beige or sand and can be worn with almost all spring colors.

Always in style - head to toe, neutral tones by Marla Wynne
Tonal neutrals for casual style – Marla Wynne

Polka Dots are big this spring…no really, they are BIG!

As in size.

polka dot styles for spring 2019 - dresses with big, bold dots.

This trend  was huge in the 60’s and very popular in the early 90’s (think “Pretty Woman” polo dress), so those of a certain age may have a few of these outfits in their closet. The difference this time around is in the size of the dots; they are much larger than previous go rounds. 

If you wear a two-piece polka dot outfit, I recommend balancing it with a solid instead of the entire outfit in polka dots.  The extremely large dots are difficult to pull off from head to toe unless you are very tall and very thin.  However, it’s also not my style to wear excessive pattern, so while I may not big on large prints, you should always dress to your style not necessarily trends.   If the large dots do not compliment your body type, then wear what looks best on you. Period.

Lace & Crochet

Lace and crochet are feminine, pretty trends I’m happy to see back. Practically anyone can wear lace, it simply depends on what and how you wear it. You will find dresses, jackets, pants, blouses, tops and jackets. Everything is stunning this spring and in so many colors

Day to evening style of yellow floral lace blazer.

It used to be that lace was a fabric you only wore to an evening affair.  But no more!  Lace can now be worn anytime, from easy, breezy casual blouses, business blazers to dressy evening attire with stretch lace for a much more comfortable experience than in previous years. 

Comfort can equate to style

Finally, designers get it: Women want shoes that are comfortable and stylish!

There are now all types of shoes available that include step and arch support which provides the ability to walk for miles in comfort and style.

There are several new brands (Vionic, Fly, Kork-Ease & Gentle Souls) joining classic makers like Birkenstock, Munro and Ugg, that are focusing on comfort as well as style. You can find platform, block or wedge style heals with foam inserts or removable linings that allow custom and discrete orthopedic inserts. You feel like you are walking on clouds.

So rejoice; no longer are style and comfort mutually exclusive.

Style and comfort combined in a versatile shoe
Vionic block heels with arch support

Happy Spring!

stylish taupe strappy sandal with block heel and arch support by Vionic

The key to wearing any color is to know that it looks good on you and that it enhances your eyes, hair and complexion. While using swatches is a temporary and quick fix, knowing your full color palette makes getting dressed and shopping so much easier. If you would like to learn more about color analysis, contact me at Brenda@FirstImpressionsMatter.com or click the link below.

Custom Color Analysis – Learn Your Color Palette

Motivation Monday: Inspiring Gift Ideas To Start Your New Year Off

Gift Ideas to start your new year off…inspired by a few of brenda’s favorite things

Happy Monday friends! Hope you all had an exciting weekend filled with all things seasonal and are ready to take on the last two weeks we have left in the year (Am I the only one who STILL cannot believe how fast this year has gone by?!). That being said, this Monday Motivation post is based on some holiday spirit, which we all could do a little more of. With Christmas quickly approaching, I listed some of my favorite inspiring items that are perfect gift ideas for the New Year. They make for very thoughtful gifts that I’m sure all the special people in your life will appreciate.

Have a very Happy Holiday Season! Let’s dive in

here’s a list of some of brenda’s favorite things

  1. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Book by Jen Sincero You Are A Badass - by Jen SinceroThis book, written by best -selling author and success coach Jen Sincero, is a game changer. One of the best books of 2017- it a refreshingly blunt guide that will help you find motivation and direction to start living your true authentic life.





2You Are a Badass Desk Calendar 2018  

Based on her New York Times best selling book mentioned above, this 28 day calendar has daily entires that encourage you to embrace the best part’s of your life and constantly remind you of the power you have to change the parts of your life you don’t love. It makes for the perfect gift to help someone live their best life. you are a badass 28 day calendar

3. Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jar

“I’m grateful somebody came up with the Gratitude Glass Jar. It includes 365 cards so your family can take turns jotting down notes about things they truly appreciate. At the end of the year, everyone can gather for a celebration of whatever is on those cards.”—Oprah Winfrey

What a great idea to add notes to the jar that you are thankful for during the year. Read them at the end of the year.


4. Violet Handbag

Iman and Joy Handbag – www.hsn.com

Violet is the color for 2018 – I love this handbag! It looks and feels just like a Chanel handbag. Why not get a Genuine Leather crossbody handbag to add the pop of color for the New Year? I love this bag and it is so reasonably priced ($59.99). It has RFID (which has credit card protection inside your purse). You also receive two straps including one leather and one chain for evening. Colorblock your outfits and wear this color with navy, red, and gray. You will look so stylish. It also comes in 9 other colors.



If you are an entreprenuer or thinking of becoming one, this is a must-have book. Dorie gives you an excellent view of how to create multiple streams of income and be a successful entrepreneur.







6. The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations – Book by Oprah Winfrey

Find this soul-stirring and inspirational book on Amazon.com.

I read something from this book everyday. Truly uplifting!






7. The Sound of Your Soul – Free podcasts series of Super Soul Sundays

Listen to Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts.



Speaking of songs, what is your Song for the Year?

For me – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – by McFadden & Whitehead

(Old School) When I sing the song I always change the “us” to “me”.

I have this song on my phone and if get down, I play it and I’m feeling good again. The song reminds me of good times in the day. It makes me happy and I dance.

Add a song to your playlist that makes you HAPPY and will be your song for 2018.