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Jump Into Spring: 3 Ways to Boost Your Style!

spring colors

It is imperative to maintain an up-to-date look with your appearance, especially if you’re still working, job hunting, speaking in front of groups, or making pitches.

I’ve worked with hiring managers who did not select people due to how they looked. They said they looked old and outdated with their hairstyle or clothing, and sometimes called them “frumpy”. The candidate may have had the skills to do the job, but unable to show that they would “fit in” with the department by maintaining a professional look.

Let me be clear, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to freshen up your wardrobe! You can make a big difference with a small adjustment like adding an accessory or a new color, or even by choosing a current hairstyle, in order to keep your look fresh!

Check out these ideas to boost your style for Spring.

Add color to your wardrobe

You’ll be surprised at how wearing color can change your mood, boost your well-being and make you feel more confident.

Try adding one of the new season colors to your wardrobe. They include teal, dark pink (almost a hot pink), blush (off white with a hint of pink), mustard (yellow), and orange.

Florals and prints are a big trend this year, as well as wearing florals with florals, and mixing florals and prints together. I prefer to wear florals and solids together so it doesn’t feel like you can see me coming! But find what looks good on you, and what you feel good wearing. Try stepping out of the box and mix florals and solids, or prints and solids. Or jump into the trend of wearing prints and florals together. There are even floral sneakers that are all the rave.

Whatever you do, add something different to your wardrobe with a splash of color like a yellow or blue handbag. You will see how it pops a bit of color into your outfit as well as how it makes you feel better.

Create new outfits from your closet

First, pull clothes out of your closet that you no longer wear. Keep pieces that are functional and work for your specific needs.

When creating outfits, be conscious of when you will wear them–weekend wear, work, running errands, client meetings or a night on the town.

Start with basic pieces. For instance, a pair of jeans go great with a colorful top and jacket. See how many tops, blouses and jackets you can mix together to make different outfits! If you have flowing, button-up, tunic, or plain white blouses, mix and match them with diffferent pants for a variety of outfits!

Skirts or dresses for the season are great to have as basics in your closet as well. Dresses are so easy and comfortable. It’s only one piece, and all you need is a layering jacket or sweater. See how many outfits you can create in this category. Make sure to coordinate colors and try a floral, leopard or print dress. You might be amazed at how good it looks on you.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

You’ll be surprised how one accessory added to an outfit can make you look up-to-date. The trend for accessories this year is bold, flashy, bright and modern. I do recommend you stay within your own style unless you want to try something different. My style is classic, traditional with a hint of bold, so I feel comfortable with adding a piece of bold jewelry to an outfit.

Shoes are popping up in flashy silver and metallic hues, and the peep-toe is making a come back.

Oversized and dramatic sunglasses are a big trend, but make sure to find the right shape for your face.

Statement jewelry is all the rave. Chokers are back in style and should be chunky and oversized. Also try adding long and oversized earrings. And large necklaces from gems to feathers are dressing up necklines.

How do you plan to boost your style this spring? Is there a new color you plan to add to your wardrobe? Join the conversation and leave your comments below.

To your beauty,

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Working Moms – 7 tips to Keep your Closet Organized!

before after closet

For the busy mom, organizing the closet is one of those tasks that don’t make it to the top of the list. Lots of other house chores overtake closet organizing, and you may find that you only have a day or two in a month to get this done. When you get around to it, the closet is in such a big mess that you end up spending hours on end attempting to organize it. Here are a few tips that should help you keep it organized so that even when you leave it unattended, getting it back in shape is a breeze.

1. Get a Staging Area
Assuming this is your first time organizing your closet, you need a staging area. Somewhere you can keep all the stuff in your closet so that you organize them one at a time. If your closet is in your bedroom, then you can use your bed as the staging area, or clear out one of the corners.
Remove everything from the closet like hangers, clothes, and shoes and put them in the staging area. You may also want to get a collapsible cloth rack to hang clothes so that you quickly see what you’re dealing with. This allows you to sort out the clothes when putting them back in the closet. The clothing rack makes a functional addition to your laundry room once you’re done organizing your closet.
2. Organize Items into Categories
For similar items, such as shoes or pants, arrange them together so that you have different categories. Place the articles in cardboard boxes, piles or plastic containers for easy sorting. Arranging them in this way also helps you keep track of the items in your closet.
In case you come across items you do not need, you can place them in a pile marked for donation or disposal.
3. Get Rid of Items That Don’t Belong in the Closet
Take out items that don’t belong in that particular closet. Sometimes, most of the clutter in your closet comes from things that don’t belong there. Sometimes the temptation to stuff boxes of everything into the closet makes up for the disorganization.
4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items
It can be difficult sorting out the unneeded items in your closet. Choosing what to keep and what to throw away is hard, but it’s a necessary step to organizing your closet. These are things that you haven’t used for a while, and you don’t see yourself using.
5. Clean The Closet
Next, wipe the closet down. Clean out all the corners, paying close attention to dust and other debris. If you’re a professional mom and work might get in your way, get extra help to assist you with this step.
6. Place Everything Back In an Orderly Way
Place everything that needs to be in the closet back. Place everything back according to how your categorically arranged them to make it easier to find.
7. Maintain the Order
Once you have everything back in the closet, make sure nothing else goes in there unless it fits into the categories you created.