The Silver Package

This is perfect for those who want an image transformation but do not need a makeup consultation.  Together, we will help you create the personal brand that is best for you.

Quick overview:

  •  At-Home Consultation
  • Color Analysis
  • Body and Style Analysis
  • Closet Audit (2 hours)
  • Wardrobe Planning and/or Personal Shopping (5 hours – your choice of time allotment)

What does your image or personal brand, say about you?  Actually, it is saying quite a lot… all of the time.  Just think about it.  When you are in the store, do you buy the item that’s in a dented box with no decoration or the one in a well-constructed, visually appealing container?

Truth is that we get sized up by others based on how well we package ourselves.  I want them to be impressed when they look at you!  The Silver Package examines your features, wardrobe and desired style to create the look that displays your personal brand confidently.

The Silver Package begins with an initial assessment and thought provoking style exercises. From there, we’ll begin the Image Consultation to identify your physical characteristics, style preferences and the strategies to maximize all of your most flattering features.

One of our early missions will be to get you wearing the right colors that flatter you the most. You’ll not only find out what those colors are during the Custom Color Analysis, but you’ll also receive a portable swatch book so you won’t forget.

Next, we will take a good look at what your closet has to offer (and what needs to go) during the Wardrobe Makeover.  We’ll purge the unflattering “distractions” and leave you with a closet that is filled with items that work for you.  Then we’ll spend time mixing and matching outfits in new ways so that you can hit the ground running.

And if we find that you are missing essential wardrobe items, we’ll solve that during the Personal Shopping Session.  This is when you try on the ensembles that have been preselected for you based on your size, best colors, body type and budget.  All is geared to maximizing your wardrobe and minimizing your frustration.

Package Price:  $550