The Complete Image Package

Entire Image Overhaul

The complete Image Package Includes: Image Assessment, Style Discovery, Dressing for your Body Type Tips, Custom Color Analysis, Wardrobe Audit & Planning, Closet Organization Tips, Personal Shopping Sessions, and an Outfit Creation/Shop your Closet Session

Are you looking for a complete image and style makeover? If you hate your style or don’t know how to dress, what you style is, constantly feel like you have nothing to wear, find yourself wasting money on unnecessary purchases, and avoid shopping due to the hassle and time and feel that people do not perceive you as well as you would like. The Complete Image package is your solution. I will not help you organize and sustain a well-organized closet, I will walk you through an entire image overhaul. I will identify your best colors, clothing brands, styles that flatter your body type, and then I’ll instruct you how to implement these features through your current wardrobe and during our one-on-one shopping consultations.

During the Complete Image Package, we will:

Consultation #1

  • Step 1:Sit down to discuss your goals; initial homework and image assessment along with a Style Discovery and Style Board. This includes tips on how to dress and flatter your body shape.
  • Step 2:Perform a Custom Color Analysisto pinpoint your ideal color, fabric, choices, and color combinations.
  • Step 3:Personal Shopping trip to create a personalized wardrobe and accessorizes.
    No Wardrobe needed until we purchase clothing since you would like to start with new items.
  • Step 4: I’ll help you coordinate your new wardrobe to your best wearable pieces that represent you.
  • Step 5: Recommendgreat closet solutions and organization tips for getting organized and banishing the nothing to wear feeling that accompanies your new wardrobe.
  • Step 6:I’ll create ten outfits (or depending upon your budget the number of outfits) including shoes and accessories with items from your new wardrobe.

Consultation #2
Personal Shopping Session:

– First, I will go out and pre-shop for you based on your budget, style and needs we identified together.

– Then we’ll meet to go over the items I have set aside for you.

– We’ll head to the first store and all you need to do is walk into the fitting room where you will have items picked especially for you.

– No more stress about going into a department store and not knowing what to buy!

– You will leave in three hours (or less) feeling inspired and refreshed with clothing items, shoes and accessories that you love!

Consultation #3
Personal Shopping Session:

– This shopping session is all about finishing touches and signature pieces for your wardrobe.

– Finishing touches consist of jewelry, scarves, belts ties, bags, clutches and shoes, depending on your style.

– Signature pieces are those one-of-a-kind pieces in your wardrobe.

– I’ll pre-shop for you and have some items ready at local boutiques.

– We’ll meet for your session where you can try-on and view the items I’ve picked out for you to round out your wardrobe!

Consultation #4
Shop Your Closet Session:

– Integrate your newly purchased items with your existing wardrobe.

– Create head-to-toe outfits including shoes and accessories.

– Outfit photos will be taken of each ensemble.

– Learn tricks to take outfits from day to night and work to weekend!

The Complete Image Package gives you the guidance, tips, direction, and the tools needed to embark on and complete a Total Image Makeover. Let me show you how to make your wardrobe work for you in a way that represents your style, your personality, and the genuine image you want to portray – personally and professionally!


  • Style Support – Available for 3 months following your last session with check-ins bi-weekly.
  • Personal Color Swatch: You will always have your ideal colors with you.
  • Personalized Look book: Photos of outfits created during your sessions.
  • Resource guide to care for your Wardrobe.

Your investment for the Complete Image Package is: $1,995.00
(16 – 20 hours of total time)