The Bronze Package

Get tips and expert advice and feedback that will help you take your new body, style, and color knowledge to the next level. If this is what you’re looking for, this package is for you.

Quick overview:

  • At-Home Consultation
  • Wardrobe Makeover
  • Shopping Session

Have you already done a lot of thinking about your desired image, maybe even received an image consultation previously, but need more help getting started? You are not alone; image building can be overwhelming and full of expensive mistakes if done incorrectly. As your stylist, I can help you quickly achieve the look you’ve been wanting.

All of the services of the Bronze Package are designed to help you build a wardrobe that is filled with key pieces that look great on you. We will start with key pieces and colors and take the necessary steps to get you looking fabulous. The Bronze Package begins with taking a look at what your closet has to offer (and what needs to go) during the Wardrobe Makeover. We’ll purge unflattering “distractions” and marching outfits in new ways so that you can hit the ground running.

And if you find you are missing essential wardrobe items, we’ll solve that during the Personal Shopping Session. This is when you try on the ensembles that have been preselected for you and minimizing your frustration.

We’ll round it off with a Styling Lesson that not only empowers you with dressing tips and advice, but also gives more insight into accessorizing and adding polish to your new look.