Image Consultation

Body, personality and style assessments that lead to defining a perfect wardrobe strategy. Create a plan to get the desired image, style and lifestyle.

Custom Color Analysis

An examination of your skin tone will determine the best colors for you and your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Consultation

Make room in your closet for new style elements by purging the items that no longer work. Create stylish outfits with current key pieces.

Outfit Creation

With a few stylish tips and tricks combined with personalized insight about your style and body type I will show you how to maximize your wardrobe to its fullest potential.

Personal Shopping Trip

This service is perfect for the person who hates or doesn’t have time to shop, frequently buys things that never get worn, or is looking to revamp their wardrobe for the upcoming season.

Special Event Shopping Trip

Do you need the perfect outfit for an upcoming event? If you need an outfit(s) for a special occasion we can take the stress a way of finding the perfect items so you can focus on the actual event.

Virtual Image Consultation (Skype)

Receive two sessions over Skype that are designed to assess your current image and strategize the next steps in improving your wardrobe, style and confidence