Top 10 Color Trends for Fall

Which Will You Wear?

Here are the beautiful Pantone colors trending for Fall and Winter 2018, straight from the New York fashion runway.

While there are some of the usual suspects including rust, burgundy and olive green, several of the colors are not what we’ve come to expect.  This year’s surprising fall color scheme includes a lively blue, brighter orange and lemony yellow; all of which, at first, seem to have more to do with summer than fall.

The most important thing to remember about color schemes is that it doesn’t matter what the color trends are for the season, its what colors look good on you and are in your color palette. If the colors are in your personal palette, you will look good, feel good and exude confidence from head to toe. 

If one of the trend colors for fall is in your palette and you haven’t worn it before, why not try it this year? I’ve recently tried a color I don’t normally wear but it is in my palette – purple. Since adding it to my closet, I have been receiving numerous compliments, but more important, I feel great in the color! So of course, I was thrilled to see purple in the Pantone color trend report and I’m planning to wear even more purple this fall. 

The Pantone Color Institute, a recognized corporation that helps companies make informed decisions about color, reported the following 10 colors as being the most “seen” during the 2018 Fall Fashion runway shows.  And while the 2018 Fall runway took place in early Spring of this year, Pantone is famously known for its color trend projections and predicts that you will see or will be “seen” wearing the following colors in the coming months.

1. Violet

Ultra Violet Wrap Dress

For the past few years, violet has been offered and worn for nearly every season and it’s popularity was evident for spring/summer 2018, although the hue was lighter and more in line with a lilac.  For fall/winter 2018, the hue is named “Ultra Violet” and is a deeper, more jewel-toned, truer purple.  I absolutely love it!  And have made it my new color for fall.   Try Ultra Violet with red, burgundy, coral, creme or black. 




2. Red Pear

Designers are also showcasing this subtle shade of burgundy. It’s a mixture of red and brown so be careful with the darker hue, sometimes called merlot, which leans more to the brown side.  If you are darker skin-toned, this color may wash you out, in which case, look for burgundy with red or blue undertones versus brown.   This color is more brown than red and trends towards a rust.  The color is deep and looks great combined with red, mustard, forest green, and crème. It looks great tonal or monochromatic, meaning you can wear head-to-toe burgundy and accessories, as in the photo above. 

3. Poppy Red

“Valiant Poppy” is another color that crossed over from summer to fall.  Poppy red, like the flower it’s named after, has underlying tones, so make sure you’re aware of which tones look good on you.  Blue based red is in my color palette and I wear it all year.  Try Valiant Poppy with burgundy, purple, pink, crème or nude. 

4. Nebulas Blue

Navy blue has been a staple fall color for years, so the biggest color surprise this year was a brighter blue.  You will notice this color mixed in prints or by itself.  Wear Nebulas with crème, navy or burgundy. 

5.  Spice Yellow

Yellow has been featured on the runways for the past couple of seasons and shows no signs of going away.  The fall 2018 yellow trends to a mustard shade, which is a blend of yellow and brown, called Spice. Wear Spice yellow with burgundy, crème, black, nude, and of course, brown. 

6.  Sea Green

Sea green can be a lighter shade of green and is often considered a mint.  If more blue is added, it becomes teal.  Teal is a facorite color of mine for fall.  It’s not often you are able to find a true teal. This year you should find teal everywhere you shop. You can pair it with autumn shades such as mustard or spiced yellow, brown and neutrals. 


7. Bright orange

Another surprise for fall was the bright shades of orange. We usually see muted shades of orange including burnt orange and pumpkin for autumn. To tone down bright orange pair it with navy or neutrals such as crème or beige.

8. Meerkat  

Meerkat Sweater

This is considered a toasty brown and can have orange mixed in the color as well. Meerkat is a perfect shade for autumn. The color reminds you of falling leaves. I have no idea why it’s called Meerkat, but it makes me smile; so try wearing this fun named color with cream, rust, mustard, and teal.                                                                                 

9. Olive green

Olive green is rich and dark enough to be worn as a neutral in the same way as navy, and perfect for pairing with some of the brighter shades in the color palette including bold orange, rust, brown, or crème and beige.

10.  all shades of pink

Pink is another color that has been on-trend for the summer; however, you will see different shades of pink for the fall including a very light pink called blush. Pink looks great with crème, sea mist green, black, brown, burgundy, and teal. 






 “I never thought I could wear purple close to my face, but when Brenda completed my color analysis, I found out I could and tried it. I absolutely love the color and get so many compliments now, but most of all, I am more confident and feel good.  I feel unstoppable with whatever I want to do”.Paula Kassouf.,, Retained Executive Search Firm


                              Before and  After!

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