Easy, Chic and Comfortable Summer Dressing

Summer dressing can be challenging and reveals a lot about ourselves since we expose more of our bodies to combat the higher temperatures.  However, with so many events to attend in the season, dressing needs to be easy, chic, and comfortable.  For example, some of us (if not most!) don’t like our upper arms, but if you’re outside, you will need to take off a jacket or sweater to stay cool.   This is the time when you want to look comfortable in your own skin and feel good with what you have on, but still be stylish.

I happen to LOVE Summer and have learned how to make it work for me.  You can too, especially when you know your style and complimentary colors.  Here are some of my best tips and tricks for the season.

Dress in Thin Layers

Chiffon is summer chic

Chiffon offers thin layers

Summer means higher temperatures outside, yet freezing cold inside due to constant air conditioning.   Layers will help you move between the temperature ranges by allowing you to add or remove coordinating pieces.

Chiffon is a great fabric to wear during the heat of summer.  It is lightweight, breathable, airy and breezy.  Try a see-through blouse with a tank-top underneath for a cool and chic combination.   I love the look of a white blouse with a yellow or orange tank layered underneath.  It says “summer” all the way.

Chiffon flows as you move, however due to the sheer nature of the fabric, you must wear something underneath it.  Try chiffon tunics, pants (lined), tank tops and blouses.  Chiffon is a favorite for vacation travel as it resists wrinkles and takes little to no space in your suitcase.  Plus, you can dress it up or wear casual.

Wear White

all white summer chic

A modern look of head-to-toe white

There’s nothing like wearing white in summer.  You will look and feel fresh, clean, modern, and up-to-date.

For years I didn’t think white was for me as I thought it made me look heavier.  But I was wrong.  Now I think I look and feel better wearing white.

An entire white outfit is refreshing, though you don’t necessarily need to wear head-to-toe white or even all the same shade, though bright summer white is cooler than off-white shades, such as cream or beige.  Bright white also tends to be easier to match with all skin tones.  Feel free to change it up by wearing a classically chic combination of a white top with a dark or black bottom, or vice versa.  Also try layering three pieces so you can remove a layer if it gets too hot.

Have you heard of a “White Party”?  There are plenty in summer, often combined with fundraisers or charity events.  So who knows, you may be invited to one this year and you’ll have the tips to dress comfortably and look fabulous.

Dusters / Kimonos

Dusters and kimonos are two of my favorite things to wear in summer.  Why?  Because their flowy fabric and design makes me feel feminine and pretty.

A duster is more defined at the waist and is often worn as a jacket, whereas a kimono lacks defined waist features and tends to be square or boxier in cut, so make sure it’s not too big for your frame.  It also depends on how much “flow” you like.  The key is to make certain it goes with your body type and doesn’t appear “baggy”.

Try one of these pieces in colors that compliment your skin tone and work with clothing you already have in your closet, such as light weight dresses or your favorite jeans or pants.  For a classy poolside look, pair a duster or kimono with Bermuda shorts or swimwear.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are another of my go-to favorites for summer.

Maxi's flatter all body types

Universally flattering maxi dress

Maxi dresses are so comfy and it’s a one-and-done outfit, meaning you only have one thing to put on and your done!  Maxi’s are very easy and you will look amazing.

The standard design of a maxi dress makes it a style for all body types.   They are usually constructed with a close bodice and empire waist with a twist knot underneath the breast or v-neck, which helps elongate, and emphasis or create a slimming waistline.  Additionally, the bodice drops to a loose and flowing A-line skirt, which allows cooling, airflow to breeze around your lower body.  I find this style (as shown in the picture to the left) looks great on everyone since it doesn’t emphasize any part of the body.  Plus, this simple, yet flattering style, allows for endless customization and versatility.  By adding or subtracting jewelry and changing from flip flops to sandals or heels, you can quickly go from casual to dressy.

Add a new color or look in your closet for florals, solids, prints or graphics; they are all in season.


Use accessories, jewelry, shoes, color, pattern and graphics to make things more interesting

This summer’s favorite color

This summer, why don’t you find a color that makes you feel good wearing it?   One of my favorite colors for the season is a deep (beet) purple seen in the picture to the right.

It’s in my palette, but I was never a purple girl, that is until I tried the color on and it immediately made me feel so good!  I now have pants and a floral kimono that both contain this color.  I challenge you to try a different color in your palette this season. You might be surprised at how marvelous it makes you feel.

Lightweight jewelry is all I wear.  Although the necklace in this picture looks heavy,  it is the lightest weight jewelry I’ve ever worn. You forget you have it on!


Prints   Prints come in different hues, sizes and shapes and, as you can see in the picture below, the Kimono has an array of colors.  The colors include coral, light fuchsia, blue, green and beige, all of which are in my color palette and I can coordinate many outfits.      Kimonos off cool summer chic options

Once you decide what kind of prints you are attracted to, it’s easier to find the colors that work for you and that are in your color palette.

Shoes – Red shoes in the summer are a go-to as well. 

For example, I have the floral maxi dress in the photo above.  The dress has red mixed in the pattern.  I plan to change the look by wearing red shoes, instead of nude.  This will add interest and color blocking to the outfit and will not be too much.  So try playing around with color to find out what you really like and what looks good on you.  When you receive compliments, you will know that you coordinated a stylish, chic, and comfortable outfit.

Pictured Items & Where to Buy:
Necklace by Marla Wynne Jewelry, HSN (Home Shopping Network) Check your local TV listings for correct channel
Maxi Dress by Iman, HSN, all sizes from Small to 3X, (Short, Average and Tall Heights)
Chiffon Blouse, by Marla Wynne, HSN, Tanks, 2 pack
White Jacket and Palazzo pants outfit by Marla Wynne, HSN
Kimono, print, by Chico’s
Red shoes, by Louise et Cie, Nordstrom

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