Brenda Ferguson Hodges


Brenda Ferguson Hodges is a First Impressions Coach at First Impressions Matter. She is a Certified Image Consultant and specializes in how wardrobe and style can impact your professional business and career success. She is a speaker and the Autor of Never Say You Have Nothing to Wear, Again! Discover your Wardrobe Lifestyle and Season Color and Author of Inside Job Interviews; Secrets to Doing Everything Right…so You’re Hired.

Quoted in O (Oprah) magazine, a featured blogger to Sixty and Me and contributor to Forbes, The San Francisco Examiner, Comcast News and the California Job Journal, she is dedicated to helping women tap into your own unique style, boost your confidence, and feel good about you.

A former Human Resouces Leader for over 25 years at such companies as the University of California, Berkeley, Lucas Film, Kaiser Permanente and Genetech, she understands the hiring process and what it takes to get the job, sell the pitch, or win the presentation. She also found out how critical it is to make a positive first impression in order to win the position. Hiring managers need to visualize you in the position, which means you need to look the part. Brenda saw how this was missing and she has made it her lifework to help people create the visual.

Brenda’s passion for image started when she was a young girl being raised by her parents in Richmond, CA. Her mother was a Laundry Supervisor and a fabulous dressmaker and many of her clothes were handmade which influenced her interest to become an international model. It didn’t take long to understand the power of perception based on how people dress and present themselves.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from California State University, East Bay, and with her love for career coaching and style, she created First Impressions Matter in 2008.

Brenda believes that having the right image sets the stage for either getting a job or making a sale in your own business. Image creates trust and likability and people look for these two characteristics right away in the first meeting.

She lives with her husband and has a daughter who is a news anchor on the East Coast.