RED: Is It Your Color? 3 Tips To Say “YES” to Red!

Valentine’s Day was on February 14th and RED is a popular color worn by millions of people on that day – but it’s not just for Valentine’s Day! I receive many questions regarding the color red and thought this would be an ideal time to talk about it.

Say “YES” to Red!

If you’re feeling at all hesitant about wearing red or wondering HOW to wear it, read this article and say “YES” to wearing red with confidence!

1) Is red right for your personality?

It just so happens that red is my favorite color and I wear it often in many different ways. Either as an accent color or dress, pant, coat, top, shoes or scarf. Red is considered a power color and the eye sees the color instantly, so you must feel good and confident wearing it. If you have any hesitation about wearing the color and don’t feel good in it, then red is not for you. People will be able to tell if you don’t feel good in the color by the way you walk, talk and your non-verbal communication body language. Your inside will project your outside behavior. This is a color where your inside behavior must project a positive outside feeling.

2) Are you wearing the right shade?

There are different shades of red, so you will need to find out which shade works better with your skin complexion.

To discover the right red for you, you should decide if a warm red or cool red works best against your skin. When you look at a warm red and cool red side-by-side, you can clearly see the warm red has more yellow and the cool red has more blue.

By putting swatches up to your face you will determine which shade looks good on you. You will see and feel it instantly.

People who look best in warm reds are people who look better in warmer colors like browns, oranges, yellows, and rust or fall tones. People who look better in cool reds are those who look best in brighter jewel tones like magenta, royal blue, bright purples and black.

If you are still confused, think about metallic or silver or gold jewelry. If silver is most flattering on you, then most likely you look better in cool red. If gold looks better on you, then a warm red is the answer.

However, keep in mind there are some skin tones, especially of a darker hue, that can get away with wearing either a warm or cool red. I’m in this category and even though I wear a lot of cool red (with more blue in the shade), I can wear the warm red as well. Gold also looks great on my skin tone but silver is attractive too.

3) How much red should you wear?

Again, pay attention to how you FEEL wearing red. It’s important to consider all the points above and what your goal is for the day.

Since red is my favorite color, I wear it socially, in business, or when I need to be in a position of leadership and present new ideas. It evokes a feeling of confidence in me and others can see it. If, on the other hand, you need to sell or negotiate something you want, it may cause an uneasy feeling with the person you are dealing with.

The important thing to consider is how you feel when you wear it. Once this battle is conquered, you can figure out the right shade you should wear and the appropriate times to wear it.

Is RED a color that you wear often? Do you know if you are a warm or cool red? Have you been wearing the right shade of red?  Join the conversation below and leave your comments!

To your beauty,

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When You Feel Good, You Look Good! FOUR Tips to Feel Better in 2018

If you feel good, you will always perform at your best. Here are 4 tips that will help you feel AND look good!

1)  Stay positive and motivated every day!

Read positive books and listen to CDs or podcasts to keep you in a positive frame of mind and ready to deal with life’s challenges. I purchased Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge CDs and listen to them daily on my phone. After a 15-minute segment, I feel so empowered and happy.  I constantly find ways to stay motivated and inspired. I also read my Daily Word every morning and it helps with my spiritual growth.

Invest in yourself to stay on track with your goals and you will feel better. Having a grateful heart is another way. Everyday write down at least one thing you are grateful for. Living in gratitude will make your heart happy. By adding a few of these activities into your daily schedule, you will feel happier.

2) Have more “FUN”!

Funny how I’m starting to hear more and more people say they want to have more fun now. “FUN” has always been one of my values and a “must have” for landing the right job. I had to make sure I was having fun in whatever position I had so that I would truly love what I do each and every day.

If you want to have more fun, try taking a vacation, attending a music festival, taking dance lessons, going to a comedy show, inviting friends over for cards or just plain laughing more.

Dr. Christine Northrup


When I read in Dr. Christine Northrup’s book Goddesses Never Age, that fun is important and what keeps you ageless, I almost fell off my chair! It’s great to know that I’ve made sure to have fun in my life for a long time. Try having more fun this year.

3) Want a new look?

Would you like a new look for the new year? Thinking about a new hair color or style? Perhaps you would like to change or update your style and find out what colors you should wear that complement your complexion. Wearing the right colors will give your skin an instant glow as well as wearing clothing that complements your body shape will make your figure look better. Brow shaping is another way to update a face. Do this and you will see how your face opens up and you will start receiving all kinds of compliments.


4) Move more and be good to your body!

There are lots of benefits to exercising, including sleeping better, preventing disease and thinking clearer and it definitely makes your mind and body feel better. Exercising can include yoga, cardio, Zumba, meditating or whatever gets your body moving. Remember, the mind is important too, it keeps the body going.

If you are interested in Yoga, try Currently, there is a free 21-day program you can join.

In Dr. Northrup’s book, she also explains how exercising sets off a chain reaction of feel-good chemicals in the body. One of the chemicals is called nitric oxide (not to be confused with nitrous oxide, used in dentistry). This molecule or gas is triggered by laughter, exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, and experiencing pleasure. You will have more energy and a sense of relaxation.

**What will you be doing in 2018 to have a “Feel Good Year”?**
Please share your ideas with us in the comment area below.

Let’s have a Feel Good Year!

For more information about your health and feeling better, I highly recommend Dr. Christine Northup’s book, go to This is now my reference book in order to stay on track and age naturally and gracefully.


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5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Closet


Now that Christmas is over and it’s nearly the new year, why not begin on a good note by tackling the dreaded- your closet. You know there’s a whole bunch of stuff you’ve thrown in there over the past 12 months. It’s time to put your best organizing gloves on and get down to business – declutter your closet! 

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”
― Joshua Becker

Not only will this bring more clarity in your life and space in your closet, but you might be surprised at all the hidden clothing gems you might find that you had completely forgotten about! You will also be able to create more outfits with less stuff. Did you know, according to statistics, you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? This means there is a lot of dead weight hanging in the closet that never gets worn.

Here’s a way to declutter your closet, very simply. Follow this 5-step process to purge the items that no longer work for you and leave you with things in your closet that you love!

Step 1: Set aside some time and get some supplies.

Set a specific date to tackle this task since this can take some time.  Gather the following supplies:

  • 3 boxes (label the boxes – Donate, Sell and Tailor)
  • Full-length mirror (to try clothes on)
  • Sharpie pen
  • Post-it notes to label boxes


Step 2: Start with a Category

You don’t need to take everything out of your closet and put it back again. This is an easier method than the standard.

Look at each category, i.e. dresses, jackets, tops, pants, etc. Go through each category and decide if you should let it go, stay, donate, sell or send it to the tailor.

If you’re confused about whether to keep it or toss it, ask yourself the tough questions:

  1. How did I feel the last time I wore this?
  2. Do I love how I look in it?
  3. Do I need to be a certain weight to wear and feel good in this?
  4. Does it project the image I want to project?
  5. Does this item require more upkeep that I’m not willing to take on?

Once you decide, then add it to the proper box. Continue this process with each category.

Be sure to pull out anything that hasn’t been worn in two years and add it to a separate box. 

Step 3: MAKE sure the items you keep fit properly.

You should try on the clothes you intend to keep and make sure they fit properly. Check for any stains, see if any areas scratch or itch you or if you need to get some parts of it altered. Create outfits with the remaining pieces to be sure you have items that go together.

Only keep items that you LOVE, that look good on you and that are in the colors of your season palette.


Step 4: Deal with the items that you tossed.

For clothing that you donate, decide where you would like to take your clothing. Google donation drop-off organizations that are close by and be sure they give you a receipt for a tax write off. Also, remember to donate clothing to organizations that can really benefit, such as Dress for Success, that provide professional attire to women re-entering the workforce.

If you have items that are barely worn, you can probably receive money in exchange for it. Connect with organizations that that best fit your needs. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Poshmark

If you have items that need tailoring, referrals from your friends and family are the best, but you can also Google tailors to find a good one.


Step 5:  Breathe and bask in the glory of your new closet.

By following the steps above, you should now have clothing in your closet that you love, wear often and you’re able to create several outfits. But most of all, your closet should be clutter free!

Brew a cup of tea, put your feet up and admire your new closet. You should feel a sense of relief and feel great for the new year.


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The New Atleisure Trend – Is it for You?


One of the biggest words in the clothing retail world is athleisure apparels. These apparels have an athletic look to them, but people can wear them in non-athletic settings. Imagine busy moms wearing yoga pants for drinks after a day’s work. Maybe professional women wearing sneakers to a corporate meeting.
Athletic wear has invaded the social settings, and a lot of women are embracing it for a variety of situations. But the question on most women’s minds is, should they jump on the bandwagon, or is it just a fad?

Some fashion analysts have dismissed athleisure apparels as just a fad. However, the numbers seem to tell a different story. In 2014, there was a one percent increase in sales was driven by consumers buying athletic footwear, bags, and active wear.

Why The Increase in Athleisure Wear and Why Should You Invest in Them?
By large, the increase in athleisure wear is as a result of increased conscious awareness among consumers, even baby boomers. Today, you most likely look at athletics not only as a means of keeping fit but also as an all-encompassing lifestyle.


Another factor that has led to increased popularity in athletic clothing is the comfort of the clothes. Even when the clothes are practical, there’s that level of comfort and freedom wearers get, for instance, when wearing yoga pants. So consumers feel that the clothes are practical and comfy, features they want everywhere they are. As a result, Athleisure wear is not going away anytime soon.

So if you thought the word designer and leggings don’t go together, think again. There are so many accessories and themes to choose from to will give you a boost in confidence, whether you’re on your morning jog, or even pulling a weekender at the office.

But pulling off a chick look in athleisure wear can be somewhat a minefield. There’s a fine line between a trendy athletic look and a total disaster. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your athleisure wardrobe.


Ignore the traditional thick jerseys or the toweling versions of yesteryears. You want to go with light sweatshirts, which are firm and yet breathable.
The sweatshirts should have a slim cut to add an extra dimension to the outfit.

There are two primary options in the jogger’s department. There’s the hobbyist version, and the “am ready to compete in a full triathlon version. Whichever you choose, make sure its tight. Baggy joggers won’t do you any favors on the track or in the fashion department.

Never go for the luminous green monstrosities or such other flavored brands. Get the white or gray accented ones, both practical on and off the track.
For hoodies and jackets, apply the same principles used to select sweatshirts. Go for light and trimmed hoodies and jackets.

If you’ve been guilted into joining a gym, or if you want to sign up for one, athleisure wear is a must add to your wardrobe.