You Can Have Comfort & Style: 3 Must Haves for Fall!

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This has been a dilemma for quite a while. Do you dress for the latest fashion trends or do you want to be comfortable?
At last, designers are getting it, especially for women over 50; you can now find clothing and accessories that are stylish and comfortable. Here are a 3 must have pieces to have comfort and style.

Dusters are a must have accessory for your wardrobe. They are a light, loose-fitting jacket. This is so versatile and can be worn from day to night and it never

goes out of style. Wear it with jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses. They come in different lengths, from shorter below the waist to calf lengths. If you are petite make sure to wear a shorter duster with shoe height so you will look long and lean. You can throw this over anything and always look stylish.
Sneakers are all the rage for fall and it is stylish to wear them with pants, skirts and dresses. You will also find them with a bit of a wedge as well as decorated with metellic colors. Comfort and style is definitely in this fall.
Long Tunics
Invest in long tunics that fall below the waist and cover the buttocks as well longer that may hit the thigh areas. You can wear them with leggings, skinny jeans and slacks. This will create a long and lean look. Make sure the tunic is slightly fitted and not too over sized. Otherwise you will look wider instead of leaner.
Try one of these must haves to transition into fall and find out out how comfortable and stylish you can be at the same time.
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New York Fashion Week 2016 – The 6 Best Street Style Trends from New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion week kicks off a month of Fashion Shows that will take place in London, Milan and Paris, but the first week in the Big Apple (New York) is the most exciting.

But not all the action is happening on the runways; in fact, looking to the style on the streets can be an even greater indicator of where trends will be at for the next season in real time, on women in the street.

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7 Tips to Refresh your Wardrobe for Summer!

Cotton dress

straw hat


Wardrobes have a tendency to become repetitive and monotonous. Especially when you’ve just come from a long winter. Luckily, there are a few ways you can refresh your summer wardrobe even if you’re a busy mom.
Just a few simple changes can breathe new life into your wardrobe this summer, and there’s nothing like a fresh set of clothes to boost your moods, or boost in confidence new look, right? And with summer practically here, wearing the same warm clothes you bought back in January might not be practical, especially if you are a working mom.
Here’s how you go about creating a bi-seasonal mix that’s sure to ward off summer fashion fatigue so that you look fab even through fall. But there the inherent fear associated with a wardrobe change. Back in 2010, the average mom spent close to $2, 000 on clothes and associated services. With income households declining every year, consumers are becoming savvy when spending on clothes.
When trying to stay chick for less, rising temperatures don’t help matters. Here’s the first tip to refresh your wardrobe this summer.
1. Take Stock
Before you start overhauling your summer
2. Summer Wardrobe for Less
There are lots of techniques to save on your summer wardrobe. For instance, you can repurpose some of your winter clothes to the summer. A simple visit to the tailor can help you repurpose that winter coat into a chick summer jacket for next to nothing. So instead of hoping into a store, visit a tailor to get a few ideas on how to transform your winter clothes into summer clothes.
3. Say No To Flimsy Clothes
While lightweight fabrics are ideal for hot summer weather, they tend to cling to your body. They need a firmer structure so that they don’t stick to your body. Make sure you tell your tailor to make your clothes firmer if you decide to repurpose some of your winter clothes for summer.
4. Get Open Knit Weaves
During the hot weather, the professional mom needs some breeze to go through her while working. Open knit weaves are fantastic in that they let in a lot of air to cool you down.
5. Go for Natural Fabrics
To keep your body breathing, you want to go with natural fabrics such as cotton which is more breathable than let’s say polyester. Furthermore, natural fabrics absorb sweat more readily compared to synthetic materials.
6. Always wear Clean Clothes, Fresh Like You Are
After taking that morning shower, wear clean clothes. They give you the confidence everywhere you go. While re-wearing your clothes saves you from doing a lot of laundry, it doesn’t do you any favors during the hot summer months. Even slight wear leaves your dead cells and dirt on the clothes, trapping all the summer heat in your clothes.
7. Bring a Shade With You
During the summer, you should avoid direct sun as much as possible. Make sure your wardrobe has some brimmed hats and several scarfs to drape over your shoulder.