You Can Have Comfort & Style: 3 Must Haves for Fall!

fun sneakers

This has been a dilemma for quite a while. Do you dress for the latest fashion trends or do you want to be comfortable?
At last, designers are getting it, especially for women over 50; you can now find clothing and accessories that are stylish and comfortable. Here are a 3 must have pieces to have comfort and style.

Dusters are a must have accessory for your wardrobe. They are a light, loose-fitting jacket. This is so versatile and can be worn from day to night and it never

goes out of style. Wear it with jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses. They come in different lengths, from shorter below the waist to calf lengths. If you are petite make sure to wear a shorter duster with shoe height so you will look long and lean. You can throw this over anything and always look stylish.
Sneakers are all the rage for fall and it is stylish to wear them with pants, skirts and dresses. You will also find them with a bit of a wedge as well as decorated with metellic colors. Comfort and style is definitely in this fall.
Long Tunics
Invest in long tunics that fall below the waist and cover the buttocks as well longer that may hit the thigh areas. You can wear them with leggings, skinny jeans and slacks. This will create a long and lean look. Make sure the tunic is slightly fitted and not too over sized. Otherwise you will look wider instead of leaner.
Try one of these must haves to transition into fall and find out out how comfortable and stylish you can be at the same time.
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Mid Year Check-Up! 5 Ways to Look and Feel about your Style in 2017

Feel GCan you believe we are already half way through the year?

It’s the perfect time to check in with yourself to make sure you are on track with how you are feeling about yourself.

Here are 5 ways to feel and look good about your style this year. It makes a great difference in how you feel. You can start with one simple change.


First and foremost you must have the appropriate clothing in your closet in order to have something to wear on a daily basis.

Do you sometimes pass over new jeans, morning after morning, in favor of an old pair?  Only 20 percent of the clothes in the average person’s closet are worn on a regular basis, according to a survey from California Closets. Another survey by Voucher Cloud revealed that the average woman has $550 dollars of unworn clothing in her closet. Most commonly unworn items in her closet are shoes and coats.

Decide what type of clothing you need to have in your closet. For instance, if you are working a full-time job, then your closet should have 80 percent business clothing. The other 20 percent could be casual, sporty, casual chic, and a few items for evening wear, depending on what you need.

Decide what you need in your closet and you will never say you have nothing to wear again.

Wear colors that compliment your skin tone

Examine your closet and experiment with different colors to find out which hues work best with your complexion. Ask a close friend what colors look good on you and work best with your complexion.

It will also be beneficial for you to understand your skin surface tone, which is the color you’d describe yourself (light, medium, tan, dark, etc,). Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin tone as someone, but a different undertone which is as follows:

  • Cool: (pink, red or bluish undertones)
  • Warm: (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)

If you are cool under tones, colors that look great on you include:  mint or kelly green, teal, lavender, purple, navy, hot pink, rose pink and burgundy.

For warm toned skin, colors that look good on you are:  peach, yellow (lemon and mustard, which has more brown tones), brown, red, lime green, orange, kelly green, and mint green.

Are you wearing the appropriate clothing for your Body Type?

Do you know your body shape? This is the first step in feeling good in your clothes and building your personal style. It’s important to make sure your clothes fit in proportion to your body shape.

Knowing your body portions and what you need to adjust or camouflage will make you self consious of your body and can lower your self-esteem.

Explore the 5 different body shapes and identify your body type.

Hourglass, Rectangle, Apple/Oval, Pear/Rectangle, and Inverted Triangle.

HourglassCurves, curves and more curves!
Your shoulders are relatively as wide as your hips/thighs and your waist is distinctly narrower than your shoulders and hips/thighs.

Rectangle– Shoulders are as wide as your hips/thighs. Your waist is as wide as or just narrower than your shoulders and hips/thighs.

Apple/Oval – Shoulders are narrower or as your hips/thighs: from the front view, your waist appears the same width or wider than your shoulders/hips.

Pear/Rectangle – Your hips are wider than your shoulders with a round, sloping shoulders, a well-defined waistline (and might even have killer abs), your buttocks and thighs are full and round. Pear body shapes gain weight on their thighs.

Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips/thighs.

Complete your outfit with accessories

Accessories complete the outfit and have the power to instantly make you comfortable in your own skin and boost your confidence. Try a few accessories for the season:

  • A pair of comfy sandals, flats or heels – I’m always looking for style and comfort, and I think the designers finally got it right. There are so many stylish and comfortable selections out for the season including Birkenstock’s, slide-in mules or heels with ankle straps.
  • A sassy handbagTry a color like coral, blue or yellow. You’ll be surprised how much the handbag adds a pop of color and updates your outfit.
  • Statement sunglassesA classy pair of sunglasses can take you from drab to fab, instantly. You will also beat the heat, in style.
  • HatsThey protect you from the sun as well. I noticed hats with writing on the side of them this year, like “Bon Voyage”, “Off to the Beach”, “Dear Summer”, make fun conversations, as well.

Never again leave the house feeling uncomfortable about your style choice

If you don’t feel 100% confident about your clothing choice before leaving the house, then don’t wear it. Try this quick trick — take a full-length picture of yourself and see how you look. The camera doesn’t lie. I always do this when I’m trying on sunglasses and want to select the right style. I can always tell which ones I should buy based on the picture and how I feel in them.

You will be able to recognize the right outfit at the moment you look in the mirror and feel nothing but pride, satisfaction, happiness, empowerment and confidence in what you’re wearing.


By doing all of these things you will continue to feel better about how you look and present yourself to the world. Its starts with how you feel about your style.

To your beauty,

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Sizzle

Summer is the season for being outdoors for events such as bar-b-ques, vacations, reunions, music festivals, weddings, graduations and sports.

But one of the major challenges to being fashion forward is the cost. The average family spends $1,700 dollars on clothes annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It accounts for 3.5% of a family’s expenses, on average.

In 1930, the average American woman owned 9 outfits; today the figure is 30 outfits, one for every day of the month.

However, changing seasons doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your wardrobe, just make a few bold statements. Adding accessories will instantly update your wardrobe.

The styles for the season are all about updated classics, easy shapes, and unexpected combinations.

Try these five easy ways to reboot your wardrobe for summer, and make your wardrobe feel more current.

Choose light floral, print fabrics

Keep cool and wear lightweight, breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton, rayon, georgette (which is similar to chiffon), silk, and jersey.florals

Brighten up your wardrobe with florals, prints and color. This can inject some of your personality into your wardrobe. At times, you may need to tone down the big and bold florals and prints. You can do this by wearing either floral on the top and solid on the bottom, or vice versa.

Make sure that the scale of the floral pattern aligns with the frame of your figure. A large floral pattern can overwhelm a petite woman. A miniature pattern can look too dainty on a woman with a larger frame.

Other factors to consider are the placement of the patterns and the contrast of the colors. The colors should compliment your skin tone.

Try something different this season with florals, prints and lots of color!

Wear a fun hat

fun hatThe thing is, hats are for just about everyone; you just have to find the right shape that flatters your face. There are so many types of hats from mild (narrow brim) to wild (wide brim). You can look for cool banded fedoras, structured Panamas, striped floppy hats…basically, every style under the sun.

At the top of the list, and as a fashionable way to protect yourself from the sun, try a wide brim or floppy hat.

The latest and newest trends for the summer are hats with words written on the brim. Wear one and then watch out for compliments and conversation!

Statement sunglasses

fun sunglassesSunglasses are now considered the best accessory to have. It can change your entire look without a lot of effort. You can have a make-up free day and still look gorgeous.

Italian designers including, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Prada, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, sell over 7.6 billion Euro of eye-wear a year (including prescription). This is big business since more and more women have several pairs of sunglasses these days.

Have you noticed Oprah wears glasses with almost every outfit? Glasses are her main accessory standard.

Slides, slippers, high heeled mules and sneakers

This season’s mood is casual and easy, and shoes that just slip on strike the perfect chord. fun sneakersSome of this season’s favorites–such as slides, backless loafers, slippers and high-heeled mules–don’t have an ankle strap, which helps lengthen the leg. These casual designs offer some sturdier heels and feature elegant, clean lines. Expect a few fun surprises – like velvet slides for summer.

Sneakers are all the rage this summer, and it is stylish to wear them with pants, skirts, and dresses. You will also find them with a bit of a wedge as well as decorated in floral and metallic colors. Comfort and style is in this summer.

Statement earrings

Statement earrings continue to be big this summer, but in new materials and styles. Boho-styles use fringe and tassels from organic materials. Designers are creating bold, structural earrings by playing with graphic metals to develop new ways of doing hoops and long drops. Statement earrings are a great, inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit.statement earrings

If you’re going to wear big earrings, pay attention to the shape of your face. Keep everything around your face simple – avoid necklaces and go for a more natural hairstyle. These earrings are a nice compliment to the off-the-shoulder top trend – especially the longer earrings that are almost shoulder length. Lean into your own sense of style: the style really has to be authentic and what your brand represents to you in order to make it work.

How do you plan to update your wardrobe this summer? Do you have another tip not mentioned in this article? Join the conversation below.


To your beauty,

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5 Tips Boomers Can Show Bosses They’ve Still Got Pep in Their Step!

Boomer TipsThe workplace has changed and competition is fierce. In the past, seniority and experience played a major part in who stays and who leaves in the workplace. Now it’s all about who can produce the most, be flexible and change at a moment’s notice without any back talk.

With the changing workforce, Boomers are still working and not retiring as quickly as in the past. According to a Gallup survey, almost 8 in 10 of the youngest Baby Boomers (50-51) are working full-time, part-time or seeking work, a figure which declines to roughly one-third among the generation’s oldest (67-68).

Boomers are also working with or reporting to a Generation X or Y and may sometimes face challenges that they are seen as being old or out of touch with what’s going on in the workplace.

Based on my experience with interviewing, and after having discussions and interactions with Generation X’ers and Millennials, here are 5 tips for Boomers to show their bosses that they’ve still got it and have the pep in their step to do the job.

Make Sure Your Technology Skills Are Up-to-date

Keep your computer skills up-to-date and if you are feeling challenged, ask your kids or grandkids or take a class. Try not to ask anyone at work if you can help it, or else you may get the reputation of not being up-to-date with your computer skills.

I once worked with someone who was making $50 an hour more than I did and everyone in the office knew it. She did not even know how to turn on the computer or attach a document to an email. Everyone was upset because she was making more money and eventually no one wanted to help her. The feeling was that since she was making so much money she should have known basic computer skills. Needless to say, she didn’t last very long at the company when bosses found out she was computer illiterate which was causing disruption in the office.

Show Your Energy

There is a myth that older workers have low energy since they have gone through many work experiences and have seen it all.

Raise your enthusiasm and show that you are excited and willing to learn. Keep yourself refreshed, revitalized and happy to roll up your sleeves to participate in projects.

Be Engaged and Interested

Show that you are interested in others’ points of view. Listen intently and demonstrate eye contact, lean in and use short words such as, “Got it!”

Be Flexible and Adapt to Change

Sometimes things don’t go as planned at work or in life. Meetings are changed at the drop of a hat or run over time. Show you are flexible and can go with the flow. With speed as the driving force in most organizations today, not everything will run on schedule. Don’t get flustered when things change. Show that you are adaptable.

Open Up To Generational Differences

There will be times when your boss may be younger and/or less experienced than you. Stay open to receiving direction from someone younger even though you may have more experience and knowledge. There is still something to learn from the relationship. Connect and engage and find something you both have in common.

I have been in meetings where my new boss introduced a book or idea that I learned about years ago while I was at another company. Just listen, accept ideas and don’t go overboard stating that you knew about the same idea or learned about something before.

Click reply. In what ways do you still have pep in your step either at your job or in your daily life? Are you utilizing any of the tips above? Join the conversation.


To your success,

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The Best Fall Fashion Trends for 2016

Have you noticed the shops are stocking up with the newest Fall Fashion trends?

The season looks to be an interesting one, with a balance between structured and flowing pieces. There seems to be a carryover from Spring to Fall looks with cold shoulder tops, bright pinks and yellows, floral, paisley and silky thin pieces. With the weather getting cooler you can wear these types of pieces by layering with a heavy jacket or coat.

In this article we will go over some favorite pieces for Fall that easily translate well to what you may have in your closet. (Faux) fur, capes and golden tones that resemble previous Fall trends. Pinstripes have joined the Fall trend lineup, among others.  (Be sure to check out my Special Gift to You at the bottom of this article!)

The Caplet

Capes and caplets do not seem to be going anywhere for a while. A caplet is usually a small cape and normally covers the shoulders. You will see these on dresses, blouses, sweaters or jackets. I’ve had these in my closet for years and you may have something similar in your closet too — take a look. Now you can wear them again.








Loose and flowy ruffles. Great for creating a whimsical or edgier spin on classics. Keep body shape in mind as you opt for ruffle filled pieces and use it to strategically highlight your assets.







Tan Hues

Find all the tan in your closet and wear it for Fall. Tan is the celebrated hue for Fall 2016 styles and you will see lots of it during the season.








Statement Choker

 Big trend in jewelry this season. I’m not too fond of jewelry close to my neck and if you are like me, look for pieces that drape away from the neck.

 chocker      statement-necklace

Pinstripe Styling

This is a throwback from the 80’s and has been updated a little. For instance, blazers do not have boxy shoulders, so do not pull those out of the closet. Look for well-tailored blazers and flattering trousers. If you have a bold style, go for pinstripe from head to bottom; it will look classy. You can also wear it as a visual highlight by selecting one piece (blazer or trouser).



Navy Coats

This piece will be timeless and classic in your wardrobe. Find something comfortable, classic and chic in navy.


Bold Fur

Fur is back and was all the trend last year, so you may have this in your closet already. Coats and vests from jewel tones to black, faux and real fur worn over classic and edgy styles.



Golden and Gilded Age

Golden hues on trousers, jackets, coats, dresses, blouses and many other pieces encased in gold tones.






Shearling Coats

Another 70‘s flashback, the shearling coat, was given an update for Fall 2016. The fit can be a loose comfortable fit or tailored fit. This can be a versatile piece, either dress it up or down with jeans and boots.






Velvet pieces were probably one of the most popular trends on the runway. From blouses to trousers, showing up in a number of styles and colors. To make velvet appropriate for 2016/17, stick to one piece per look (top or bottom) and make sure it’s figure flattering.







My Special Gift to You!

A-Z Fashion Guide for Fall 2016
Best fall preview styles for Women over 40



We’d love to hear your thoughts about what is your favorite trend for Fall! Post your comments below!