5 Stylish Clothing Items You Can Wear After 60… Even if You Think You Can’t!

leggingsAs a woman over 60 interested in looking and feeling good, you’ve probably asked these questions at one point: Can I wear that? Will I look good in that? Am I too old to wear that? Do I have the right body type to wear that?

Designers are creating the same stylish trends for mature women as they do for the younger generation. The difference is that mature women have a more grown up look and appeal. Therefore, the clothes are not as tight, but still fitted to the body. The fabric is quality, and provides more coverage.

The clothes may also be loser in the waist and hide particular flaws on a woman’s body that may not need to be hidden on a younger female.

Here are 5 stylish clothes you will love when you find the right look and fit for your body type.


Recently, Women’s Wear Daily reported that leggings’ sales have officially outpaced denim sales online in the US. Leggings orders have increased by 41 percent in the last year – by comparison, denim orders rose three percent in the same time frame.

Why do you think this happened? It’s because leggings are so comfortable and versatile to wear. You can wear them in the winter or in cooler weather, and they give you good coverage for your legs.

I have suggested to my clients to wear leggings as a supportive element for the rest of your clothes, rather than the main garment. For instance; wear tunics and long blouses that fall below the waist. This will make you look long and lean. Add a long necklace and you are good to go.

Leggings look good on all body types and depend on what style of tops and tunics you wear with them. The ponte knit fabric is thicker and hides dimples in the thighs and, overall, provide nice coverage. Your long tunic or top covers your belly, and the leggings show off your fantastic legs. You will be able to hide any tummy flaws.

In the winter, any body type can wear leggings with boots or Uggs. In the spring and summer, wear sneakers or sandals. You will feel stylish and comfortable, along with looking great.

Capris or Crop Pants

Capris are cropped pants that stop above the ankle but usually well below the knee.

This trend is hard to wear, and you have to be very careful. Depending on your height, the capris’ length can be different on everyone. Once you find the length that works for you, you will be all set.

It’s unusual that this trend has been around for so long, especially since they can be so unflattering for many women. Capris shorten the legs and also highlight chunky calves.

They are popular and so on trend due to the following reasons:

  • They can be sexy with revealing the ankle bone.
  • They look great with booties, which are much on trend.
  • They also highlight another shoe trend: shoes with straps and lace ups.
  • They are associated with fun.
  • They keep you cooler in the summer.

Here are some suggestions for successfully wearing capris and looking great at the same time:

  • Choose capris with a higher waist if you have short legs. The high waist will draw the eye up and make your legs appear longer.
  • Wear capris with a tapered or straight leg to create the longest and sleekest look.

The capris or crop pant is a comfortable summer option. Just make sure to create your own look to maintain a long leg and sleek silhouette.

Skinny Jeans

It’s not about age; it’s all about the fit when it comes to wearing skinny jeans. You just need to adjust the style to your changing body shape. As you get older, your body is constantly changing.

To get the correct fit, look at the waist rise, the upper leg and the lower leg. Use this combination and you will get the perfect pair of jeans every time.

Things have changed since we started wearing jeans. The waist height, or rise as it is called now, used to have one height, but now there are many. The waist rise can now start from the naval to the low rise, below the waist and almost at the hip area.

Skinny jeans do not make you look skinny but can make you look leaner depending on how you wear them. It also depends on how they are cut and fit your body type.

You can find specific designers who cater to the more mature women. For instance, Diane Gilman, a.k.a. The Jean Queen, makes jeans specifically for mature women. I have tried her jeans, and they are an excellent fit. The jeans are not tight and concentrate on hiding flaws like the tummy area.

Cold Shoulder Tops

If you haven’t noticed, cold shoulder tops have been around for a few years now. The reason is that the cold shoulder shows the best focal point of the body. It is also easier to wear than the off-the-shoulder top.

This trend is for everyone and is versatile enough for both day and evening wear. Cold shoulder tops can be quite feminine. They have attractive sleeves, and the bonus is, they are very comfortable and cool when the weather is hot.

Wear these tops with almost anything, especially jeans, when the top is loose and flowing. All you need to do is find the right style and fit for you.


Jumpsuits are all the trend this season.

They are not for everybody, but if you feel you can pull it off, then why not? The body fit makes all the difference. Making sure to look long and lean is the trick, and you will know if you have the right body type for it.

Choosing darker shades helps. Black and navy are chic and versatile, and they immediately slim down unwanted curves.

If you find you have tummy flaws, a jumpsuit that has material in the middle instead of being fitted is ideal.

You should also find a style that is somewhat tailored but not tight. Most of all, stay away from clingy fabrics. Sometimes they tend to rise up at the front and back if they are too tight, creating a “wedgie” effect – try on a few styles to find the most flattering fit for your figure.

The big thing about the jumpsuit trend is that you must feel really good and confident about yourself. If you are unsure about wearing it, then don’t. Your lack of confidence will show on your face and nonverbal communication.

If you aren’t wearing one of these pieces of clothing and you’ve always wanted to, try something new. Go to the store, try them on and find out if they are for you. You might be surprised and love the new you!


How would you describe your style? Do you currently wear any of the clothing mentioned above? If so, how do you feel? Do you have more stylish clothes that you didn’t think you could wear, but look fantastic on you? What are they? Please join the conversation!

To your beauty,

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5 Simple Tips to Feel More Confident About Your Style After 60

ConfidenceDo you sometimes feel uncertain about your outfit selections and not sure how to boost your confidence? Real confidence comes with accepting your personal quirks and working with them. In this way, you can dress with confidence by knowing your look and playing to your personal strengths. Here are five “feel good” style secrets.

Style After 60 Tip: Dress for Your Body

To feel confident in your clothing, I suggest embracing your best body features and strengths. All of us have body parts that we want to conceal. Maybe you love your legs and hide your mid-section.

Even if you don’t love your arms, the majority of women at any age can wear the cold-shoulder top. It’s been popular for over a year and keeps showing up for all the seasons. The great part about it is that is shows off the most beautiful part of your body and doesn’t accentuate any flaws.

Regardless of your size, shape or favorite body feature, here are a few key rules:

Fit is the key, no matter what your dress size is.

Everyone is a critic about what you wear, so dress for you.

A tailor is your best friend, next is fit and this is the key.

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns to enhance and camouflage areas of your body.

Be Comfortable with Your Style Choice

If you don’t feel 100% confident about your clothing choice before leaving the house, then don’t wear it!

Try this quick trick: Take a full-length picture of yourself and see how you look. The camera doesn’t lie. I always do this when I’m trying on sunglasses and want to select the right style. I can always tell which one I should buy based on the picture along with how I feel in them.

You will be able to recognize the right outfit during the moment you look in the mirror and feel nothing but pride, satisfaction, happiness, empowerment and confidence in what you’re wearing. The most important thing to remember is to make sure the outfit feels comfortable in the way you present yourself to the world.

Know Your Colors

Examine your closet and experiment with different colors to find out which hues work best with your complexion. Ask a close friend what colors look good and work best for you.

It will also be beneficial for you to understand your skin surface tone, which is the color you’d use to describe yourself (light, medium, tan, dark, etc.). Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin tone as someone, but a different undertone, which are cool or warm.

If you have cool undertones – pink, red or bluish undertones – colors that look great on you include mint or kelly green, teal, lavender, purple, navy, hot pink, rose pink and burgundy.

For warm toned skin – yellow, peachy or golden – colors that look good on you are peach, yellow (lemon and mustard, which has more brown tones), brown, red, lime green, orange, kelly green and mint green.

Define Your Personal Style

Combine your personality into a wardrobe to help you define what is unique about you and in turn you will always feel good about your outfit choices and style. Here are seven descriptors I use to help you identify your personal style:


Causal, relaxed fit and likes natural fibers such as cotton, denim and corduroy. Christie Brinkley wears this style.


Classic and high-end luxury with preferred fabrics such as woolens, tweed, raw silk and gabardine. Dianne Feinstein and Angela Lansbury wear this style.


Romantic look and prefers fabrics such as lightweight sheer silk, soft linen, lace, eyelet and chiffon. Princess Diana wore this style.

Casual Chic

Professional and classy casual look and prefers double cotton, designer denim and lambskin leather. Cameron Diaz wears this style.


Free spirited look and prefers layering with different fabrics including tweed, textured cotton, polka dots with paisley floral, and geometrics. Madonna prefers this style.


Bold look and fabrics include linen, leather, double knits and gabardine. Diana Ross wears this look.


Hourglass figure and shows off different parts of the body and prefers an animal print fabric. Sharon Stone and Cindy Crawford prefer this style.

Once you can define your style you will be able to personalize each outfit with accessories and save time deciding what to wear each day.

The Power of Accessoriesfun hat

Accessories complete the outfit and have the power to instantly make you comfortable in your own skin and boost your confidence. Try a few of the following accessories for the season.

A pair of comfy sandals, flats or heels – I’m always looking for style and comfort, and I think the designers finally got it right. There are so many stylish and comfortable selections out for the season including Birkenstocks, slide-in mules, or heels with ankle straps.

A sassy handbag – Try a color like coral, blue or yellow. You’ll be surprised how much the handbag adds a pop of color and updates the outfit.

Statement sunglasses – A classy pair of sunglasses can take you from drab to fab, instantly. You will also beat the heat, in style.

Hats – These protect you from the sun as well. I noticed hats with writing on the side of them this year, like “Bon Voyage,” “Off to the Beach” and “Dear Summer.” What fun conversation pieces as well!

Look Great in the Morning

We are all busy and to take an extra few minutes to look great in the morning will make you feel more confident. Try putting your outfit together in the evening so you will know what you are going to wear in the morning. This will save you at least 5-10 minutes or more of time the next morning.

Try spending more time getting ready by making sure your make-up is on properly and hair is in order in the morning. I had a client who applied her makeup in the car at stop signs. Needless to say, she never felt entirely good about the way her make-up looked. It just takes a few extra minutes in the morning to complete your look and feel good about you.


How would you describe your personal style? Which tips are you using or plan to use to feel more confident about your style? Do you have others that you can suggest that are working for you? What do you think is the essence of style after 60? Please join the conversation.

To your beauty,

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The 5 Natural Body Silhouettes …Tips to Dress Your Body Type!

Do you know your body shape? This is the first step in feeling good in your clothes and building your personal style. It’s important to make sure your clothes fit in proportion to your body shape.

Not knowing your body portions and what you need to adjust or camouflage will make you self conscious of your body and can lower your self-esteem.

Explore the 5 different body shapes and identify your body type.

Hourglass, Rectangle, Apple/Oval, Inverted Triangle, and Pear/Rectangle

Hourglass – Curves, curves and more curves!

Your shoulders are relatively wide as your hips/thighs and your waist is distinctly narrower than your shoulders and hips/thighs.

hourglass shape







body shapes

Rectangle – Shoulders are as wide as your hips/thighs. Your waist is as wide as or just narrower than your shoulders and hips/thighs.

Rectangle shape








Apple/Oval – Shoulders are narrower  than your hips/thighs: from the front view, your waist appears the same width or wider than your shoulders/hips.

apple-oval shape

oval shape







Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips/thighs.

inverted shape








pear shape




pear shape clothes


Click on comments and answer the following questions. Did you figure out what body shape you are? Did you find out you were a different body shape than you thought you were? Will you start to buy clothes based on your shape you are now? I look forward to hearing from you.

To your beauty,