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  Never Say, “I have Nothing to Wear”, Again!

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The 5 Best Stylish Spring Trends for Women over 50!

Spring has finally sprung!!!

If you’ve had a chance to look in fashion magazines, online, or actually go into a department store recently, you would have noticed the spring colors taking over. They are so vibrant and beautiful. Color always makes you feel so much better, especially when you add it back to your outfits after a more neutral color palette over winter. 

Here are 5 of the best comfortable and stylish spring trends for the season. But what I’m going to suggest are also items you will be able to use next year and for years to come. I will to build a build a wardrobe so you don’t just buy clothes and wear them when they are in style. These are items you will wear for a long time.


If you are not familiar with layering, it is dressing using several garments that are worn on top of each other. Some of the layers have different lengths as well as fabrics.

I have to admit at first I didn’t get it or understand the necessity of layering. I’m sure you noticed younger people dressing in layers all the time, including a short jacket and longer T-shirt or blouse.

I tried it and now get it and love it.  It also creates a youthful look for our age group.


The basics of layering include the following:

  • Base layer – due to the warmer weather this is usually a tank top which is considered the core of layering. This should be a cotton or breathable fabric so you don’t get hot.
  • Middle layer –this piece will go on top of the tank and can be sheer like chiffon for warmer weather. This can be the top layer if you want and base layer is providing the protection of see through.
  • Outer layer –this piece is the top piece of the layer and should be chiffon during spring and summer. It is a great fabric to wear and it’s sheer, it flows and so feminine.

Layering is also great for mixing and matching colors. For example, a white sheer blouse with a yellow chiffon tank top is beautiful. You can even check out crop lightweight sweaters and wear white longer blouses underneath, pop the collar and fold back the cuffs and your own your way, looking elegant, stylish and yes, comfortable.


Kimonos are the go-to staple for spring and summer which can be worn in different ways. 

You can drastically change the way you look simply by adding a floral or print kimono. Wear a simple t-shirt and jeans or tank top and ankle pant and add the kimono and you will totally put together without trying too hard.

A floral print kimono made of lightweight material can be worn over fitted clothing. I recommend balancing your outfit with a pair of skinny jeans or slim fitting ankle or crop pants. This simple combo will make you look stylish, chic and so comfortable.

Prints or florals

Tropical prints are the new florals for spring and summer, which can include palm trees, flowers, birds and more.

The vibrant colors include coral, yellow, pink, purple, blush, red, blue and more. The fabrics are sheer this year as well and the material is a flowy look.

Personally, I like artistic prints, which are in style forever. My style is more subtle and prints make the subtle statement without going over the top. A print shows off my style and is why it’s so important to know your style. Just because florals are in season doesn’t mean it’s for everyone if you don’t feel comfortable and confident with what you have on your body. Find out what works for you.

Trench coat

The trench coat has been revamped for spring summer to lightweight fabric.

My seasonal favorite is the chiffon trench coat which is stylish and comfortable. You can wear it over dresses or pants and is versatile to wear casual or dressy. It will just make you look stylish without an over the top look.

It’s important to make sure you find the right style for you and you feel confident and comfortable. The fabric is the key as well. I like flowy so chiffon works for me but I don’t want it to be to see through so I need a little bulk, which is heavier chiffon. You can also find the piece in longer or shorter lengths, whatever works for you.

Crops, or ankle length pants

Crops are pants that stop above the ankle but usually well below the knee. Personally they don’t work for me since I like a long and lean look and they make me look shorter since the pants are cut off before the ankle. 

This trend is hard to wear and you have to be very careful. Depending on your height, the length can be different for everyone. Once you find the length that works for you, you will be all set.

Here are some suggestions for successfully wearing capris and looking great at the same time:

  • Choose crops with a higher waist if you have short legs. The high waist will draw the eye up and make your legs appear longer.
  • Wear capris with a tapered or straight leg to create the longest and sleekest look.

The crop pant is a comfortable summer option. Just make sure to create your look to maintain a long leg and sleek silhouette.

The ankle pant works much better for me since the pant stops at the ankle and projects a long leg look.

Whether you choose crop or ankle lengths they both create a modern, slim, chic and spring, summery fresh up-to-date look.

Look in your closet to find any of the above items and feel good and confident for spring.

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Where to purchase items:

White sheer blouse – Marla Wynn on Home shopping Network (HSN)

Yellow chiffon blouse with matching tank top – Marla Wynn (HSN)

Trench coat – Marla Wynn (HSN)

White kimono jacket with print – Marla Wynn (HSN)

Fushia kimono jacket – Chicos

Crepe print jacket and pant – Marla Wynne

Special Note: Marla Wynn is one of my favorite designers and believes in comfortable, easy, elegance. Her clothing is pricey due to the quality of the fabric but HSN has Flex pay which can be paid off in 2-3 months depending on how you want to pay for an item. Her clothing feels good on your body; most of it is non-wrinkle, non-cleaners and stays in style for years. The colors are items you can match with her older clothing, so you don’t have to match new seasonal colors. It’s worth the money. You build a wardrobe with her clothing, not just buy clothes.



The Beauty of Your Hair, Celebrating Madam C.J Walker for Black History month

From activists, authors and business leaders, there are a large number of African American women whose contributions and lives have been overlooked in the past. It’s time to give recognition to their efforts and celebrate their lives in honor of Black History Month. There is so much to learn about the struggles and strives of these inspiring ladies.

There’s one name in particular that resonates with me and deserves much recognition for her contribution to the beauty industry and for that, I dedicate this blog post to her. Madam C.J Walker as my tribute for Black History Month.

 “I am a woman who came from the cotton fields of the South. From there I was promoted to the washtub. From there I was promoted to the cook kitchen. And from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations…. I have built my own factory on my own ground.

 -Madam Walker, National Negro Business League Convention, July 1912

Sarah Breedlove, who would later be famously known as Madam C.J. Walker, was born in 1867, the first child in her family born into freedom after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Before the end of the Civil War, her parents and five older siblings had been slaves on a plantation in Louisiana. This daughter of sharecroppers, transformed her life from an uneducated farm laborer and laundress to one of the most successful self-made women entrepreneurs of her time, in the 20th century.

By the end of her life, Madam CJ Walker had gone out to become not only the wealthiest black woman in America but also the first ever self-made American female millionaire!


Madam C.J Walker (1903)


Sarah’s parents died when she was only 7 years old, and she moved in with her sister and brother-in-law and soon began working to help support their family. To escape her brother-in-law’s brutal abuse, she got married at the young age of 14. Her husband died when Sarah was 20, leaving her to raise their 2-year-old daughter A’Lelia by herself.

Sarah suffered from scalp ailment and began experiencing hair loss at a young age. Hair loss was a very common problem at the time: people found it difficult to bathe and wash their hair as often as we do today because most lacked access to things like indoor plumbing, central heating, and electricity. This phase was the beginning of many changes in her life.




Sarah began experimenting with different products and home remedies, eventually creating her own line of African American shampoos and hair treatments in 1905.

She named her company after her husband at the time, Charles Joseph Walker, and began 

selling products such as “Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower” and “Madam Walker’s Vegetable Shampoo”.

Designed specifically for black women, her hair products were completely unique at the time. She began selling her products door-to-door, and teaching the women she met all about hair and scalp treatments.

Business Success

Madam C.J Walker and friends in her automobile


 Her business took off and was so successful that she was soon selling her products across the United States. Sarah’s daughter A’Lelia ran a mail-order business from Denver while Madam Walker travelled around the country giving lecture demonstrations of “the Walker method”, involving her own formula for pomade, brushing and the use of heated combs.

She finally settled in Indianapolis where she opened her own factory where she manufactured more cosmetics and trained beauticians. After establishing her headquarters there, she expanded her company internationally to Jamaica, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama and Haiti. Her company employed thousands of people, including many African-American women, and was the largest African-American owned business in the nation.

Not only was Madam Walker creating an incredibly successful business against all odds, she also used her wealth to oppose racism and support institutions to assist African-Americans. She said that she wanted to be a millionaire not for herself, but for the good she could do with it



Apart from giving talks at various conventions about racial oppression, she also had the following achievements:

  • Made the largest contribution to save the house of Frederick Douglass
  • Donated moneyto the NAACP, the YMCA, and to black schools, organizations, individuals, orphanages, and retirement homes
  • Spent $10,000 every year for the education of young black men and women
  • Encouraged political activismin her employees
  • Joined the leaders of NAACP in their efforts to support legislation to make lynching a federal crime, even going herself to the White House to petition in favor of anti-lynching legislation

Today there are two National Historic Landmarks associated with Madam Walker: her New York estate called Villa Lewaro, and the Madam Walker Theatre Center, built in Indianapolis in 1928, which is now a cultural arts center. She also appears on a commemorative United States Postal Service stamp, to honor her legacy as part of its Black Heritage Series.

7 Insider Interview Tips to Stand Out And Get Hired after 50!

According to AARP, Americans are not only working past traditional retirement age but well into their 70’s, 80’s and beyond. Start noticing when you go places and you’ll realize how true this is. Due to the long term damaging impact that the stock market meltdown of 2008 had and a shrinking nest egg, more and more people are working longer. This also means a lot of people past the age of 50, are still actively hunting for jobs on the market and hope to ace their interview. 

I’ve sat on the side of the table as the interviewee and successfully beat out over 500 people to land the job I wanted at a popular entertainment company. It’s a nerve-wrecking and intimidating experience and it’s not always clear what employers are looking for. However, interviews play a key role in determining if you are a good match for the company.

Here are 7 insider interview tips that will help you stand out, make a lasting and memorable first impression and successfully, GET HIRED!

What Makes an Interview Successful?

The first step in winning the interview is to understand what a successful interview looks like. Here are 3 key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. It is conversational

Think of the interview more as a conversation and less as an interview. Get to know the interviewer and ask what exactly is needed for the role and what kind of person they are looking for. Once you know what they are looking for, you can answer the questions explaining how your experience meets their needs. This is a key interviewing tip and you should get the job everytime with this tip. It takes the ability to focus and listen carefully to the interviewer and frame your responses based on his feedback.

  1. It is Professional

Walk into the interview confidently, shake the interview’s hand with a firm handshake, smile and be pleasant, make eye contact and introduce yourself right away.

  1. It’s Authentic- Be yourself

Show your personality and be yourself. Employers are looking for staff that show a sense of self and self-confidence. You are showing the employer you’re not afraid to present your opinion in a professional manner. It’s not always what you say, but how you say it that can make all the difference.

What Employers Look for at an Interview 

  1. Your appearance

Dress the part and project a professional presence. Employers are seeking people who exude a sense of poise, confidence, and competence. Be sure to add a touch of color to your outfit. For example, a black matching outfit with a red blouse (if red is in your color pallette). Red symbolizes confidence and power.

  1. Are you the right fit for the position?

You’ve probably heard employers mention they are looking for the right “fit”. But what does that really mean?

It means that people want to work with who they like and can get along with. You are being evaluated on the following: Are you likable? Are you positive, fun and/or interesting? Will you be a team player and adapt easily to the company culture?

  1. Are you connecting with the interviewer and/or team?

Did you work with someone the person knows? Discuss how you met them and an interesting fact about the person. This will automatically help you make a connection. Another way to connect, is once you are in the interviewer’s office, look around the room. Do they have pictures of their kids, family, or sports events?

I have commented to the interviewer how cute their kids were and wow, this really opened the person up! It turned out it was their grand daughter and we openly connected when I talked about my daughter. Try to find someone to connect and have something in common.

  1. Are you motivated to do the job?

Show your passion for the job. I had a hiring manager tell me he was always looking for person who has the “twinkle” in their eye. This shows your excitement and confidence that you can do the job.

The more carefully you prepare, the better you will do.


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3 Ways to Dress for Valentine’s Day!



Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go on a romantic date with your special friend, significant other or husband. If you are not planning to go out for the evening, you can still dress up for the office, your business client or just for meeting a friend for lunch or dinner.

If you don’t have anyone special in your life at this time, then be your own Valentine! Dress for yourself and do something special to celebrate being you. When was the last time you treated yourself to something nice? If you can’t remember, then Valentine’s Day might be the gentle reminder you need. You deserve to do something special that you enjoy every once in a while.


If you do plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are a few of my ideas on what to wear:


Look alluring, show some skin

If you are planning to go out on a date, a dress should be at the top of your list of choices. With so many of us wearing pants now, I think a dress is so unexpected and it makes it extra special. And we all are well aware that men love women in dresses so why not surprise them since it’s Valentine’s Day after all.

I recommend selecting something in your wardrobe that is attractive on you, flattering on your body type and enhances the highlights of your great features. Don’t forget to show off your curves and be proud of them. Men love women who are confident about their bodies.

I particularly like dresses like the one shown, which covers you in all the right places but are still super sexy. They also comes in plus sizes.

Try to keep the type of dress you wear very simple and elegant and add appropriate accessories to make a subtle standout statement. Nude, purple, leopard, black and red color block shoes all compliment a red dress nicely.




Go for the Stretch, Drape and Elastic and be Comfortable

Soft and stretchy fabrics will flow over your figure and flatter your shape.

Pants with elastic at the waist, stretchy silky blouses and a jacket that is not tight can be your go to outfit for the office or business meeting.Elastic is not the same as it was years ago and no long think and noticeable. See the pant outfit shown here, you would never know the pants have a hidden elastic waist band.

Wrap style dresses are perfect to camouflage the stomach and they look sexy too.

Resist the urge to wear tight dresses because you want to be comfortable. Your clothes should be well-fitted, but they shouldn’t look or feel tight.

The pants outfit is perfect for the office or solid red with the floral red blouse and black jacket. The floral blouse shown has plenty of room to hide areas of the body that you would like to cover up and you still look beautiful.



Animal Prints FOR Valentine’s Day : bring out the Tiger

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love animal prints.  Not only because I’m a Leo (born in August) but I feel good and confident in them. Try adding an animal print scarf or pair of pumps to the outfit, it will be the entire rave, I guarantee you. Since the weather is cold, why not a leopard coat? The coat becomes your focal point and it adds a little drama. You can also wear it as a cape (over the shoulders).


A Quick note about Accessories for Valentine’s Day!

The right accessories are essential to make your Valentine’s Day outfit feel good on you. You can also wear feminine, soft accessories like a soft unstructured handbag and pretty rose gold jewelry and accessories. You can also add a little spark to your look by trying out a new hair style or haircut, but make sure its right for your particular face shape.

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  • Your style and how you would like to be perceived.
  • Identify clothing that looks good on your body shape and those that don’t.
  • We will reinvent your current wardrobe so age with style and let go of items that no longer serve you.
  • Provide you with outfit combinations you wouldn’t have thought possible
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5 Big Reasons your First Impressions aren’t working …even if you think they are!


I’m sure you are already aware of how important first impressions are. But you may not be aware that the “first impression” is actually only a seven second window of the initial meeting.

This means that when it comes to an interviewing situation, you need to act quickly in order to make a memorable first impression. To get hired and remembered, here are five big reasons why your first impressions may not be working even if you thought you did a great job.

Does your appearance match expectations?

Of course you may not know what the visual expectations are when you first meet someone. If you are interviewing for a position, you should have a visual in your mind of what type of clothes the person wears in the job that you are applying for. For example; an account manager position, you will meet clients in person. Make sure to dress professional which could include a matching two piece outfit or a dress and blazer. Just make sure to look professional since you will be the front face and represent the company.

“When you look good, you feel good.” This has always been my motto and it’s true. You will automatically walk taller, look confident, comfortable and happy.

Appearances really matter in first impressions. This is the first information someone has about you – and plays a bigger role in the first meeting than they do in later meetings.

Dress the part and project professional presence. Employers are seeking staff that have a sense of poise, confidence and are competent. Make sure you wear a touch of color, for example, a black matching outfit with a red blouse. Red symbolizes a subtle influence of power.

What is your style? This matters too. A person can usually figure out by the clothes your wear if you have a serious, fun, traditional or progressive look. Your style tells an “instant story” about you. So it’s important to make sure you project your story the way you want it to be told. You are your own walking billboard.

It’s important to point out that you don’t have to be good-looking to look good. Beauty is nice, but confidence is what matters. I was once hired based on the confidence that I projected in the interview. My boss said that she wished she had my confidence and was impressed by it and knew that I could do the job.

When you look good, you will feel good and project a positive image that shows your style, poise and comfort in your own skin.

Are you present?

Walk tall, maintain eye contact, smile and present a firm handshake.

Relax and get in the flow of what’s going on in the room. Don’t think about the next question you are going to ask. The interviewer will be able to tell if you’re thinking about it and it shows on your face.

Stay in the moment and listen intently with eye contact. This gives the interviewer the indication that you are in the moment of the conversation and interested. Focus on what’s being said and at times you can use the same information in your answers. The person is giving you information about the position, including who is the ideal candidate for the job. So really listen. During my years of interviewing for jobs, I found I was able to use the same information that the interviewer gave me. By making eye contact and nodding toward them, it makes them feel at ease and more comfortable with you.

Don’t forget to smile. A smile represents that you are happy, positive and approachable. This is an invitation to the interviewer to make contact.

The handshake impacts your initial impression and should be firm and complete the grip, but not too heavy that the person’s hand is hurting. The firm handshake is seen as more confident and assertive.

Do you project the right energy?

What type of energy are you presenting when you meet people in person?

Even if you are a calm person, you must show that you still have it – your energy that is. Your energy includes how much you talk, how fast and how loud. You can still have a calming nature, but be involved in conversations for new ideas and thinking. Competition is fierce and employers are trying to keep up and think of faster and new ways of working.

When talking to people, “lean in” or forward. This shows your interest and energy as well.

Show how you are not stuck in your ways and able to adapt to changing ways by giving examples of working in an environment where you had to adapt quickly to a change. Show how flexible you are. If you’ve worked in more than one company, that’s a good thing these days and shows your resilience.

Did you connect with the interviewer?

People are comfortable working with someone who has similar interests, lifestyle or know some of the same people. I knew a past employee of the company that I interviewed with and the interviewer was very fond of her. I also commented on my potential boss’ picture of her grand-daughter hanging on the wall and she was so excited that I noticed. She proceeded to talk another 5 minutes about her. Of course, she couldn’t ask me any questions about my family since that is illegal, but openly giving her some personal information about me having a daughter helped us connect. She immediately felt we had similar interests due to having children.

You can also look around the room and find any pictures that you can comment about to generate a conversation and connection. Show interest in the interviewer as a person, since people like to talk about themselves and want to work with someone who they feel they connect with.

Did you prove your worth without mentioning money?

Always have prepared questions to ask the interviewer, team and hiring manager, but one the most important things to do is to bring any documents to the interview that supports your accomplishments.

For example, if the position requires you to create a new process, then bring the document that highlights where you did that at another company. Be prepared to leave it with the company and remove any confidential information.

Prove why you are the most qualified and Get Hired!

So I ask, are your First Impressions working for you?


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What is the best haircut for your face shape?

Remember the time you took a picture of your favorite celebrity’s new haircut to your hairdresser and asked for the exact same look only to be completely disappointed at how it turned out on you? It’s because haircuts are not one-size-fits all. What suits your favorite celebrity might not work on you because you may have completely different face shapes.

This does not mean you have to stick to your usual styles or not experiment with your hair. It just means you need to do a little homework before you go to the salon to ensure you walk out of their satisfied with the results. As we get older, rocking a haircut that enhances our features makes all the difference.

It’s easy to stay in our comfort zones with familiar hairstyling habits, but keeping the same style for years may be causing you to look older than you really are. The secret to a good haircut is in finding the right style that suits your face.

In my previous blog post about easy ways to refresh your look in 2018, I suggested getting a new haircut that matches your face shape. Since a lot of people are not familiar with the concept, I decided to expand on this subject a little further.


How to Measure your Face Shape

To determine the shape of your face, you’ll need a tape measure or a ruler.

Make note of the numbers as you go through the steps below.

  1. Forehead:

    Start with your forehead and measure across on its widest part, from one end of your hairline to the other. This is usually halfway between your hairline and eyebrows, but might differ for a few people.

  2. Cheekbones:

    To measure your cheekbones, carefully start measuring from the outer corner of your eye, across the bridge of your nose to the outer corner of the other eye. Ensure the placement of the tape is above the cheekbones and in a straight line.

  3. Jawline:

    Begin at the base of your jaw (bottom of your ear) and measure along the edge of your jaw until you reach the middle. Multiple that number by 2.

  4. Length of Face:

    For your face length, begin at the middle of your hairline at the top and end at the tip of your chin, while staying directly on top of your nose.

Your face ratio will either be 1 (your width) to 1 1/2 (your length) or 1 to 1 or 1 to 2.


Image: Clip Art City

Determine your Face Shape and Style


Keep your measurements in mind while you go through the types below and figure out which category your face falls in.



If the length of your face is 1 ½ times the width, you have an oval shape.  The proportional measurements make this shape extremely versatile and can suit nearly every haircut.

You can pull of any length and style with layers to accentuate your prominent features. If you want to show off your eyes, get some bangs which also help to create a more youthful appearance or a cute bob to show off your well-defined bone structure. Try to avoid short layers since it’s a dated look and might make your face longer than you’d like. If your hair is curly in texture, try to keep it shoulder length or longer to balance out the curls.

Celebrities with oval shape face include Julianne Moore, Tina Fey and Salma Hayek.



You have a round face if the width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are more equal. Your jaw is less angular and more rounded, characterized by fullness below your cheekbones.

The best hairstyles for you are the ones that elongates and makes your face appear leaner. To do this, keep your hair length past your chin and add soft, angular layers to it. Try to reduce the volume of your hair and excessive weight on the sides to lessen the roundness. Unfortunately, short hairstyles are hard to pull off especially if your hair is on the curlier side.


Celebrities with round shape face include Cameron Diaz, Oprah Winfrey and Catherine Zeta Jones.


If the width of your forehead, jaw and cheekbones are equal, you have a square shaped face. Your features are sharp and angular, especially your jawline. 

Avoid straight cut bangs and blunt hairstyles. Opt for side swept bangs, asymmetric side partings and long tresses along your cheeks. Keep the volume to a minimum to avoid making your face broader and choose to increase length instead.

Celebrities with round shape face include Emily Deschanel, Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow.



Not to be confused with oval shape, oblong faces have a longer and narrower look to them. Your width to length ratio is usually 1 to more than 1 ½.

The right hairstyle for you is one that adds more volume to your face and creates a wider and more balanced look. Short hairstyles such as a chin-length bob with curls and layers is very flattering. Be careful to avoid longer styles since they tend to drag down the face.

Celebrities with round shape face include Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Meryl Streep.



You’re a woman with a heart-shaped face if you have a wider forehead and narrower chin.

Side swept bangs are the best feature to add to your hair – they take the attention away from your pointed chin. Short haircuts with volume around your jaw works great for your shape. For longer lengths, add more layers and keep your style fuller.

Celebrities with round shape face include Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Naomi Campbell.




If you have a diamond face, your cheeks are the widest part of your face with a narrow jaw and forehead that are nearly equal in width. 

I recommend going for single length cuts, adding curls or choppy ends to add texture. Long styles are sleek and look gorgeous on you. Add a deep side part or side-swept bangs to take attention away from your hairline.

Celebrities with round shape face include Viola Davis, Selma Blair and Vanessa Hudgens.



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