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Hurry – Today is the Last Day of Nordstrom Sale!

Here are a few of my favorite items from the Nordstrom sale. Hurry, today is the last day!
I don’t really sop the sale much anymore unless it’s “Must Have” items and primarily accessories.

Blondo Waterproof Booties – very comfortable and in different colors

Rebecca Minkoff Medium Keith Suede & Leather Satchel

Open Front Pocket Cardigan HALOGEN® – Several different colors – can layer with dresses, skirts and pants.

Kochelda Over the Knee Boot VINCE CAMUTO – Low heels and comfortable, very stylish

Get Hired After 50:  7 Tips to Make a Memorable First Impression During an Interview

Get Hired After 50:  7 Tips to Make a Memorable First Impression During an Interview!

Good News! If you are looking for a job due to retirement, layoff, or a fear of not having enough money for retirement, the job market looks great for workers over the age of 50.  According to the June 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics report,  the unemployment rate for all workers 55 and over is 3.1%, which is a full percentage point lower than the current overall unemployment rate of 4.2%.

Employers value your years of life and business experience, so all you need to do is go out, get an interview and Get Hired!

1. It Takes Just 7 Seconds

I’m sure you are already aware of the importance of first impressions, but what you may not know is that the first impression occurs in the first seven-seconds of the initial meeting!

This means that when it comes to an interview situation, you need to arrive prepared and act quickly to make a fabulous first impression.

To be remembered and get hired, here are seven tips for things to do in those first seven seconds and to keep doing during the interview.

2. Look Good

“When you look good, you feel good.” This has always been my motto and it’s true. You will automatically walk taller, look confident, comfortable, and happy.

Appearances really matter in first impressions. This is the first non-verbal clue someone receives about you – and it plays a bigger role in the first meeting than in the later meetings.

Dress the part and project a professional presence.  Employers are seeking people who exude a sense of poise, confidence, and competence.  Be sure to wear a touch of color, for example, a matching black outfit with a red blouse.  Red symbolizes confidence and power.

What is your style?  This matters too. A person can usually figure out by the clothes your wear if you have a serious, fun, traditional or progressive look. Your style tells an “instant story” about you. It’s important you project your story the way you want it to be told.  You are your own walking billboard.

It’s important to point out that you don’t have to be “good-looking” to look good.  Beauty is nice, but confidence is what matters.  I was once hired based on the confidence that I projected in the interview.  My boss said that she was very impressed and wished she had my confidence; as a result, she felt confident that I could do the job.

When you look good, you will feel good and project a positive image that shows your style, poise, and comfort in your own skin.

3. Be Present

Walk tall, maintain eye contact, smile and present a firm handshake.

Don’t forget to smile. A smile represents that you are happy, positive and approachable. This is an invitation to the interviewer to make contact.

The handshake impacts your initial impression and should be moderately firm, but not so firm  that the recipient’s hand is left numb.  A firm handshake is perceived as confident and assertive.

Stay in the moment and listen to the interviewer intently with eye contact. This indicates to the interviewer that you are focused on the conversation and interested in the subject matter. Focus on what’s being said so you can use the information in your answers. Usually the person is giving you information about the position, along with what kind of person they are looking for to fill the role. By making eye contact and nodding toward them, it makes them feel comfortable with you.

4. Show Your Energy and Ability to Adapt to Change

While employers have indicated their desire to hire older workers, they have also expressed concern about their energy level and ability to change focus at a moment’s notice.

Even though, at this age, we are much calmer than when we were younger, we must show that we still have it – our energy that is.

Your energy includes how much you talk, how fast, and how loud. You can still have a calming nature but be involved in conversations for current ideas and thinking.  Competition is fierce, and employers are always trying to keep up and think of faster and innovative ways of doing things.  Be involved.

When speaking to the interviewer or potential coworkers, “lean in” or slightly forward. This shows your interest and energy as well.

A younger interviewer may have the impression that “mature” applicants are stuck in their ways and don’t want to change.  Counter this idea by showing your flexibility.  Unlike prior decades, working for more than one company is now perceived as a good thing as it shows resilience and adaptability.

5. Have a Conversation, Not an Interview

Forget the word interview and think “conversation“.  This creates an entirely different mindset. Get to know the interviewer and show interest in what they are saying.

The interviewer is trying to determine if you are the right “fit” for the position and the company. Yes, your skills are important, but if you had a phone screen or phone interview, it’s evident you have the skills they want. You know you passed the first level because you are in their office.

Employers want to know that you will be able to get along with the current team and staff at the company.  Do you fit in? Do they feel comfortable with you? Do they like you?  Being able to have a conversation shows you have the ability to engage with strangers and do what’s necessary to get to know your future coworkers.

6. Make a Connection

People are comfortable working with someone who has similar interests, lifestyle or know some of the same people. I knew a past employee of the company that I interviewed with and the interviewer was very fond of her.  I also commented on my potential boss’s picture of her granddaughter hanging on the wall.  She was so excited that I noticed! She proceeded to talk another five minutes about her.  Of course, she couldn’t ask me any questions about my family since its illegal, but by openly giving her some personal information about me having a daughter, she immediately felt we had similar interests.

You can also look around the room and find any pictures that you can comment about to generate a conversation and connection. Show interest in the interviewer as a person. People like to talk about themselves and want to work with someone who they feel a connection.

7. Prove Your Worth Without Mentioning Salary

Arrive with prepared questions to ask the interviewer, team, and hiring manager.  Another very important thing is to bring supporting documents to the interview that showcase your accomplishments.

For example, if the position requires you to create a new process, bring the document where you performed that process at another company. Be prepared to leave it with the company and remove any confidential information in advance.

Prove why you are the most qualified and Get Hired!

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Easy, Chic and Comfortable Summer Dressing

Summer dressing can be challenging and reveals a lot about ourselves since we expose more of our bodies to combat the higher temperatures.  However, with so many events to attend in the season, dressing needs to be easy, chic, and comfortable.  For example, some of us (if not most!) don’t like our upper arms, but if you’re outside, you will need to take off a jacket or sweater to stay cool.   This is the time when you want to look comfortable in your own skin and feel good with what you have on, but still be stylish.

I happen to LOVE Summer and have learned how to make it work for me.  You can too, especially when you know your style and complimentary colors.  Here are some of my best tips and tricks for the season.

Dress in Thin Layers

Chiffon is summer chic

Chiffon offers thin layers

Summer means higher temperatures outside, yet freezing cold inside due to constant air conditioning.   Layers will help you move between the temperature ranges by allowing you to add or remove coordinating pieces.

Chiffon is a great fabric to wear during the heat of summer.  It is lightweight, breathable, airy and breezy.  Try a see-through blouse with a tank-top underneath for a cool and chic combination.   I love the look of a white blouse with a yellow or orange tank layered underneath.  It says “summer” all the way.

Chiffon flows as you move, however due to the sheer nature of the fabric, you must wear something underneath it.  Try chiffon tunics, pants (lined), tank tops and blouses.  Chiffon is a favorite for vacation travel as it resists wrinkles and takes little to no space in your suitcase.  Plus, you can dress it up or wear casual.

Wear White

all white summer chic

A modern look of head-to-toe white

There’s nothing like wearing white in summer.  You will look and feel fresh, clean, modern, and up-to-date.

For years I didn’t think white was for me as I thought it made me look heavier.  But I was wrong.  Now I think I look and feel better wearing white.

An entire white outfit is refreshing, though you don’t necessarily need to wear head-to-toe white or even all the same shade, though bright summer white is cooler than off-white shades, such as cream or beige.  Bright white also tends to be easier to match with all skin tones.  Feel free to change it up by wearing a classically chic combination of a white top with a dark or black bottom, or vice versa.  Also try layering three pieces so you can remove a layer if it gets too hot.

Have you heard of a “White Party”?  There are plenty in summer, often combined with fundraisers or charity events.  So who knows, you may be invited to one this year and you’ll have the tips to dress comfortably and look fabulous.

Dusters / Kimonos

Dusters and kimonos are two of my favorite things to wear in summer.  Why?  Because their flowy fabric and design makes me feel feminine and pretty.

A duster is more defined at the waist and is often worn as a jacket, whereas a kimono lacks defined waist features and tends to be square or boxier in cut, so make sure it’s not too big for your frame.  It also depends on how much “flow” you like.  The key is to make certain it goes with your body type and doesn’t appear “baggy”.

Try one of these pieces in colors that compliment your skin tone and work with clothing you already have in your closet, such as light weight dresses or your favorite jeans or pants.  For a classy poolside look, pair a duster or kimono with Bermuda shorts or swimwear.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are another of my go-to favorites for summer.

Maxi's flatter all body types

Universally flattering maxi dress

Maxi dresses are so comfy and it’s a one-and-done outfit, meaning you only have one thing to put on and your done!  Maxi’s are very easy and you will look amazing.

The standard design of a maxi dress makes it a style for all body types.   They are usually constructed with a close bodice and empire waist with a twist knot underneath the breast or v-neck, which helps elongate, and emphasis or create a slimming waistline.  Additionally, the bodice drops to a loose and flowing A-line skirt, which allows cooling, airflow to breeze around your lower body.  I find this style (as shown in the picture to the left) looks great on everyone since it doesn’t emphasize any part of the body.  Plus, this simple, yet flattering style, allows for endless customization and versatility.  By adding or subtracting jewelry and changing from flip flops to sandals or heels, you can quickly go from casual to dressy.

Add a new color or look in your closet for florals, solids, prints or graphics; they are all in season.


Use accessories, jewelry, shoes, color, pattern and graphics to make things more interesting

This summer’s favorite color

This summer, why don’t you find a color that makes you feel good wearing it?   One of my favorite colors for the season is a deep (beet) purple seen in the picture to the right.

It’s in my palette, but I was never a purple girl, that is until I tried the color on and it immediately made me feel so good!  I now have pants and a floral kimono that both contain this color.  I challenge you to try a different color in your palette this season. You might be surprised at how marvelous it makes you feel.

Lightweight jewelry is all I wear.  Although the necklace in this picture looks heavy,  it is the lightest weight jewelry I’ve ever worn. You forget you have it on!


Prints   Prints come in different hues, sizes and shapes and, as you can see in the picture below, the Kimono has an array of colors.  The colors include coral, light fuchsia, blue, green and beige, all of which are in my color palette and I can coordinate many outfits.      Kimonos off cool summer chic options

Once you decide what kind of prints you are attracted to, it’s easier to find the colors that work for you and that are in your color palette.

Shoes – Red shoes in the summer are a go-to as well. 

For example, I have the floral maxi dress in the photo above.  The dress has red mixed in the pattern.  I plan to change the look by wearing red shoes, instead of nude.  This will add interest and color blocking to the outfit and will not be too much.  So try playing around with color to find out what you really like and what looks good on you.  When you receive compliments, you will know that you coordinated a stylish, chic, and comfortable outfit.

Pictured Items & Where to Buy:
Necklace by Marla Wynne Jewelry, HSN (Home Shopping Network) Check your local TV listings for correct channel
Maxi Dress by Iman, HSN, all sizes from Small to 3X, (Short, Average and Tall Heights)
Chiffon Blouse, by Marla Wynne, HSN, Tanks, 2 pack
White Jacket and Palazzo pants outfit by Marla Wynne, HSN
Kimono, print, by Chico’s
Red shoes, by Louise et Cie, Nordstrom

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The Perfect View in Yosemite!

I had the perfect view in Yosemite this past week.

I sat in a chair facing the waterfall almost all day along with hearing the falls and at times actually feeling the water sprinkle on me. What an amazing site. Just beautiful! I find it soothing to go to nature when you need to clear your head and the scenery did just that. Feeling So Blessed!

Do you have anything to Wear for Summer?

When you know your colors and what type of clothing that should be in your closet, you should always have what you need when you shop i your closet.

This weekend I attended a Mardi Gras party and it was such a fun event with over 150 people attending. You will notice the the picture of my mask and colors that I wore. All I had to do was shop in my closet to find the right clothing.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy great weather and have a fashionable and fun experience.

Watch for my upcoming newsletter on easy, breezy, chic and fashionable clothing to wear for summer.

BET Awards Best Dressed – Does Your Image Reflect your Style & Brand?

The 2018 BET Awards presented interesting outfits regarding how your personal style reflects your brand. I usually post my favorite dresses from the red carpet and show. This year I have posted a few outfit recommendations.

If you watched the award show feel free to share which outfits you liked. Here are mine:


Yolanda Adams, singer –     White   power pant suit

Janelle Monae, singer and actress This dress reflects Janae’s style and looks great on her. Great fit!









The 5 Best Stylish Spring Trends for Women over 50!

Spring has finally sprung!!!

If you’ve had a chance to look in fashion magazines, online, or actually go into a department store recently, you would have noticed the spring colors taking over. They are so vibrant and beautiful. Color always makes you feel so much better, especially when you add it back to your outfits after a more neutral color palette over winter. 

Here are 5 of the best comfortable and stylish spring trends for the season. But what I’m going to suggest are also items you will be able to use next year and for years to come. I will to build a build a wardrobe so you don’t just buy clothes and wear them when they are in style. These are items you will wear for a long time.


If you are not familiar with layering, it is dressing using several garments that are worn on top of each other. Some of the layers have different lengths as well as fabrics.

I have to admit at first I didn’t get it or understand the necessity of layering. I’m sure you noticed younger people dressing in layers all the time, including a short jacket and longer T-shirt or blouse.

I tried it and now get it and love it.  It also creates a youthful look for our age group.


The basics of layering include the following:

  • Base layer – due to the warmer weather this is usually a tank top which is considered the core of layering. This should be a cotton or breathable fabric so you don’t get hot.
  • Middle layer –this piece will go on top of the tank and can be sheer like chiffon for warmer weather. This can be the top layer if you want and base layer is providing the protection of see through.
  • Outer layer –this piece is the top piece of the layer and should be chiffon during spring and summer. It is a great fabric to wear and it’s sheer, it flows and so feminine.

Layering is also great for mixing and matching colors. For example, a white sheer blouse with a yellow chiffon tank top is beautiful. You can even check out crop lightweight sweaters and wear white longer blouses underneath, pop the collar and fold back the cuffs and your own your way, looking elegant, stylish and yes, comfortable.


Kimonos are the go-to staple for spring and summer which can be worn in different ways. 

You can drastically change the way you look simply by adding a floral or print kimono. Wear a simple t-shirt and jeans or tank top and ankle pant and add the kimono and you will totally put together without trying too hard.

A floral print kimono made of lightweight material can be worn over fitted clothing. I recommend balancing your outfit with a pair of skinny jeans or slim fitting ankle or crop pants. This simple combo will make you look stylish, chic and so comfortable.

Prints or florals

Tropical prints are the new florals for spring and summer, which can include palm trees, flowers, birds and more.

The vibrant colors include coral, yellow, pink, purple, blush, red, blue and more. The fabrics are sheer this year as well and the material is a flowy look.

Personally, I like artistic prints, which are in style forever. My style is more subtle and prints make the subtle statement without going over the top. A print shows off my style and is why it’s so important to know your style. Just because florals are in season doesn’t mean it’s for everyone if you don’t feel comfortable and confident with what you have on your body. Find out what works for you.

Trench coat

The trench coat has been revamped for spring summer to lightweight fabric.

My seasonal favorite is the chiffon trench coat which is stylish and comfortable. You can wear it over dresses or pants and is versatile to wear casual or dressy. It will just make you look stylish without an over the top look.

It’s important to make sure you find the right style for you and you feel confident and comfortable. The fabric is the key as well. I like flowy so chiffon works for me but I don’t want it to be to see through so I need a little bulk, which is heavier chiffon. You can also find the piece in longer or shorter lengths, whatever works for you.

Crops, or ankle length pants

Crops are pants that stop above the ankle but usually well below the knee. Personally they don’t work for me since I like a long and lean look and they make me look shorter since the pants are cut off before the ankle. 

This trend is hard to wear and you have to be very careful. Depending on your height, the length can be different for everyone. Once you find the length that works for you, you will be all set.

Here are some suggestions for successfully wearing capris and looking great at the same time:

  • Choose crops with a higher waist if you have short legs. The high waist will draw the eye up and make your legs appear longer.
  • Wear capris with a tapered or straight leg to create the longest and sleekest look.

The crop pant is a comfortable summer option. Just make sure to create your look to maintain a long leg and sleek silhouette.

The ankle pant works much better for me since the pant stops at the ankle and projects a long leg look.

Whether you choose crop or ankle lengths they both create a modern, slim, chic and spring, summery fresh up-to-date look.

Look in your closet to find any of the above items and feel good and confident for spring.

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Where to purchase items:

White sheer blouse – Marla Wynn on Home shopping Network (HSN)

Yellow chiffon blouse with matching tank top – Marla Wynn (HSN)

Trench coat – Marla Wynn (HSN)

White kimono jacket with print – Marla Wynn (HSN)

Fushia kimono jacket – Chicos

Crepe print jacket and pant – Marla Wynne

Special Note: Marla Wynn is one of my favorite designers and believes in comfortable, easy, elegance. Her clothing is pricey due to the quality of the fabric but HSN has Flex pay which can be paid off in 2-3 months depending on how you want to pay for an item. Her clothing feels good on your body; most of it is non-wrinkle, non-cleaners and stays in style for years. The colors are items you can match with her older clothing, so you don’t have to match new seasonal colors. It’s worth the money. You build a wardrobe with her clothing, not just buy clothes.