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Get Hired After 60: 7 Tips to Make a Fabulous First Impression

Get Hired

It takes just seven seconds.

I’m sure you are already aware of how important first impressions are. But you may not be aware that the first impression is only a seven-second window of the initial meeting.

This means that when it comes to an interviewing situation, you need to act quickly to make a fabulous first impression. To get remembered and hired, here are seven tips for those first seven seconds and how to keep that positive impression going during the interview.

Look Good

“When you look good, you feel good.” This has always been my motto and it’s true. You will automatically walk taller, and look more confident, more comfortable and happier.

Appearances really matter in first impressions. This is the first information someone has about you and plays a bigger role in the first meeting than in later ones.

Dress the part and project a professional presence. Employers are seeking people who exude a sense of poise, confidence and competence. Be sure to wear a touch of color – for example a black matching outfit with a red blouse. Red symbolizes confidence and power.

What is your style? This matters, too. A person can usually figure out by your clothes if you have a serious, fun, traditional or progressive look. Your style tells an instant story about you. So, it’s important to make sure to project your story the way you want it to be told. You are your own walking billboard.

It’s important to point out that you don’t have to be good-looking to look good. Beauty is nice, but confidence is what matters. I was once hired based on the confidence that I projected in the interview. My boss said that she was very impressed and wished she had my confidence. As a result, she felt confident that I could do the job.

When you look good, you will feel good and project a positive image that shows your style, poise, and comfort in your own skin.

Be Present

Walk tall, maintain eye contact, smile and present a firm handshake.

Stay in the moment and listen to the interviewer intently with eye contact. This gives the interviewer the indication that you are focused on the conversation and interested. Focus on what’s being said.

At times, you can use the same information in your answers. Usually the person is giving you information about the position, along with what kind of person they are looking for to fill the role. Making eye contact and nodding makes the interviewer feel comfortable with you.

Don’t forget to smile. A smile represents that you are happy, positive and approachable. This is an invitation to the interviewer to make eye contact.

The handshake impacts your initial impression and should be moderately firm, but not so heavy that the person’s hand is hurting. The firm handshake is seen as more confident and assertive.

Show Your Energy and Ability to Adapt to Change

Employers really do want to hire older workers, but are concerned about their energy level and ability to change focus at a moment’s notice.

Even though at this age we are much calmer than when we were younger, you must show that you still have it – your energy that is. Your energy includes how much you talk, how fast and how loud. You can still have a calming nature, but be involved in conversations for new ideas and thinking.

Competition is fierce and employers are always trying to keep up and think of faster and more innovative ways of doing things. Be involved. When speaking to people, “lean in” or forward. This shows your interest and energy as well.

Employers are also under the impression that we are stuck in our ways and don’t want to change. Show how flexible you are. If you’ve worked for more than one company, that’s a good thing nowadays and shows how resilient you are.

Have a Conversation, Not an Interview

Forget the word interview and think of the time being spent with the interviewer as a conversation. This creates an entirely different mindset. Get to know the interviewer and show interest in what the person is saying.

The interviewer is trying to determine if you are the right “fit” for the position and the company. Yes, your skills are important, but it’s evident that you have the skills because you passed the phone interview. Employers want to make sure you will be able to get along with the immediate team and staff at the company. Do you fit in? Do they feel comfortable with you? Do they like you? This is why having a conversation and getting to know people is important.

Make a Connection 

People are comfortable working with someone who has similar interests, lifestyle or who knows some of the same people. For example, I knew a past employee of a company I interviewed with and the interviewer was very fond of her. I also commented on my potential boss’s picture of her granddaughter, and she was so excited that I noticed it hanging on the wall. She proceeded to talk another five minutes about her.

Of course, she couldn’t ask me any questions about my family since that is illegal, but by openly giving her some personal information about my own daughter, she immediately felt we had similar interests with our children.

You can also look around the room and find any pictures that you can comment about to generate a conversation and connection. Show interest in the interviewer as a person, since people like to talk about themselves and want to work with someone with whom they feel they can connect.

Prove Your Worth without Mentioning Salary

Always have prepared questions to ask the interviewer, team and hiring manager. Also, a very important thing to do is to bring any supporting documents to the interview that showcase your accomplishments.

For example, if the position requires you to create a new process, bring the document where you performed that process at another company. Be prepared to leave it with the company and remove any confidential information.

Prove why you are the most qualified and get hired!

How about you? What tips have you used to make a fabulous first impression for an interview? How have you taken steps to improve your first impression during the interview? Please join the conversation.


To your beauty,

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Favorite 6 Biggest Trends of the Oscars 2017 Red Carpet

I love watching the “Red Carpet” fashion events of award shows and this years’ 2017 Oscars red carpet was no exception.

I expected more vibrant colors, but the climate was more neutral and subdued than recent ones. Still it was a great variety of fashion. Here are some of my favorites:

Join the conversation and leave a comment to let me who were your favorites?

Viola Davis dressed to win. Red, my favorite color is a winner! Beautiful and wearing it with confidence.

Although Robin Roberts is not an actress and is an anchor on Good Morning America, I had to add her to my list. She looked so stunning in this GOLD dress. Beautiful and glowing!








Taraji P. Henson is so beautiful dressed like old Hollywood Glamour. Gorgeous!

Kristen had the hour glass figure with this dress. Love it!

Chrissy Teigen look beautiful as always!

Halle’s hair was so distracting that I could not look at the dress. She was NOT my best dressed of the night. Sorry Halle.

RED: Is It Your Color? 3 Tips To Say “YES” to Red!

Valentine’s Day was on February 14th and RED is a popular color worn by millions of people on that day – but it’s not just for Valentine’s Day! I receive many questions regarding the color red and thought this would be an ideal time to talk about it.

Say “YES” to Red!

If you’re feeling at all hesitant about wearing red or wondering HOW to wear it, read this article and say “YES” to wearing red with confidence!

1) Is red right for your personality?

It just so happens that red is my favorite color and I wear it often in many different ways. Either as an accent color or dress, pant, coat, top, shoes or scarf. Red is considered a power color and the eye sees the color instantly, so you must feel good and confident wearing it. If you have any hesitation about wearing the color and don’t feel good in it, then red is not for you. People will be able to tell if you don’t feel good in the color by the way you walk, talk and your non-verbal communication body language. Your inside will project your outside behavior. This is a color where your inside behavior must project a positive outside feeling.

2) Are you wearing the right shade?

There are different shades of red, so you will need to find out which shade works better with your skin complexion.

To discover the right red for you, you should decide if a warm red or cool red works best against your skin. When you look at a warm red and cool red side-by-side, you can clearly see the warm red has more yellow and the cool red has more blue.

By putting swatches up to your face you will determine which shade looks good on you. You will see and feel it instantly.

People who look best in warm reds are people who look better in warmer colors like browns, oranges, yellows, and rust or fall tones. People who look better in cool reds are those who look best in brighter jewel tones like magenta, royal blue, bright purples and black.

If you are still confused, think about metallic or silver or gold jewelry. If silver is most flattering on you, then most likely you look better in cool red. If gold looks better on you, then a warm red is the answer.

However, keep in mind there are some skin tones, especially of a darker hue, that can get away with wearing either a warm or cool red. I’m in this category and even though I wear a lot of cool red (with more blue in the shade), I can wear the warm red as well. Gold also looks great on my skin tone but silver is attractive too.

3) How much red should you wear?

Again, pay attention to how you FEEL wearing red. It’s important to consider all the points above and what your goal is for the day.

Since red is my favorite color, I wear it socially, in business, or when I need to be in a position of leadership and present new ideas. It evokes a feeling of confidence in me and others can see it. If, on the other hand, you need to sell or negotiate something you want, it may cause an uneasy feeling with the person you are dealing with.

The important thing to consider is how you feel when you wear it. Once this battle is conquered, you can figure out the right shade you should wear and the appropriate times to wear it.

Is RED a color that you wear often? Do you know if you are a warm or cool red? Have you been wearing the right shade of red?  Join the conversation below and leave your comments!

To your beauty,

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When You Feel Good, You Look Good! FOUR Tips to Feel Better in 2017

If you feel good, you will always perform at your best. Here are 4 tips that will help you feel good AND look good!

1)  Stay positive and motivated every day!

Read positive books and listen to CD’s or podcasts to keep you in a positive frame of mind and ready to deal with life’s challenges. I purchased Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge CD’s and listen to them daily on my phone. After a 15-minute segment, I feel so empowered and happy. I also plan to attend Les Brown’s Live Your Dream motivation seminar on January 28, 2017 in Oakland, CA. I constantly find ways to stay motivated and inspired. I also read my Daily Word every morning and it helps with my spiritual growth.

Invest in yourself to keep on track with your goals and you will feel better. Having a grateful heart is another way. Everyday write down at least one thing you are grateful for. Living in gratitude will make your heart happy. By adding a few of these activities into your daily schedule, you will feel happier.

2) Have more “FUN”!

Funny how I’m starting to hear more and more people say they want to have more fun now. “FUN” has always been one of my values and a “must have” for landing the right job. I had to make sure I was having fun in whatever position I had so that I would truly love what I do each and every day.

If you want to have more fun, try taking a vacation, attending a music festival, taking dance lessons, going to a comedy show, inviting friends over for cards, or just plain laughing more.

Dr. Christine Northrup


When I read in Dr. Christine Northrup’s book Goddesses Never Age, that fun is important and what keeps you ageless, I almost fell off my chair! It’s great to know that I’ve made sure to have fun in my life for a long time. Try having more fun this year.

3) Want a new look?

Would you like a new look for this year? Thinking about a new hair color or style? Perhaps you would like to change or update your style and find out what colors you should wear that complement your complexion. Wearing the right colors will give your skin an instant glow as well as wearing clothing that complements your body shape will make your figure look better. Brow shaping is another way to update a face. Do this and you will see how your face opens up and you will start receiving all kinds of compliments.

4) Move more and be good to your body!

There are lots of benefits to exercising, including sleeping better, preventing disease and thinking clearer; and it definitely makes your mind and body feel better. Exercising can include yoga, cardio, Zumba, meditating or whatever gets your body moving. Remember, the mind is important too, it keeps the body going.

If you are interested in Yoga, try Wanderlust.com. Currently, there is a free 21-day program you can join.

In Dr. Northrup’s book, she also explains how exercising sets off a chain reaction of feel-good chemicals in the body. One of the chemicals is called nitric oxide (not to be confused with nitrous oxide, used in dentistry). This molecule or gas is triggered by laughter, exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, and experiencing pleasure. You will have more energy and a sense of relaxation.

**What will you be doing in 2017 to have a “Feel Good Year”?**
Please share your ideas with us in the comment area below.

Let’s have a Feel Good Year!

For more information about your health and feeling better, I highly recommend Dr. Christine Northup’s book, go to http://amzn.to/2jcnXTV. This is now my reference book in order to stay on track and age naturally and gracefully.


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5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Closet

DeclutterIt’s a new year, so why not clear out your closet so you can find clothing that you forgot you had? You will also be able to create more outfits with less stuff. Did you know, according to statistics, you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, which means there is a lot of dead weight hanging in the closet that never gets worn.

Here’s a way to declutter your closet, very simply. Follow this 5-step process to purge the items that no longer work for you and leave you with things in your closet that you love!

Step 1: Set aside some time, and get some supplies.

Set a date since this can take some time.  Gather the following supplies:

  • 3 boxes, (label the boxes – Donate, Sell, and Tailor)
  • Full-length mirror (to try clothes on)
  • Sharpie pen
  • Post-it notes to label boxes

Step 2: Start with a Category

You don’t need to take everything out of your closet and put it back again. This is an easier method than the standard.

Look at each category, i.e. dresses, jackets, tops, pants, etc. Go through each category and decide if you should let it go, stay, donate, sell or send it to the tailor. Once you decide, then add it to the proper box. Continue this process with each category.  Be sure to pull out anything that hasn’t been worn in two years and add it to a box.

Step 3: MAKE sure the items you keep fit properly.

You should try on the clothes intend to keep and make sure they fit properly. Create outfits with the remaining pieces to be sure you have items that go together. Only keep items that you LOVE, look good on you, and the colors are your season palette.


Step 4: Deal with the items that you tossed.

For clothing that you donate, decide where you would like to take your clothing. Goggle donation drop-off organizations that are close by, and be sure they give you a receipt for a tax write off. Also, remember to donate clothing to organizations that can really benefit, such as Dress for Success, that provide professional attire to women re-entering the workforce.

If you have items that are barley worn, you can probably receive money. Connect with organizations that that best fit your needs. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Poshmark
  • TheRealReal.com
  • Tradesy.com
  • Thredup.com

If you have items that need tailoring, referrals from your friends and family are the best, but you can also Google tailors to find a good one.

Step 5:  Breathe and bask in the glory of your new closet.

By following the steps above, you should now have clothing in your closet that you love, wear often, and you’re able to create several outfits. But most of all, your closet should be uncluttered!

Brew a cup of tea, put your feet up, and admire your new closet. You should feel a sense of relief and feel great for the new year.


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New Year’s Resolutions for your Career or Business – Don’t even Go There!

Are you working on your New Year’s resolutions?

Here’s the problem with New Year’s Resolutions

The nature of the word “resolution” refers to solving or fixing something. That’s the major downside of New Year’s resolutions; they come from a negative place of feeling “not good enough”, making us wish to fix ourselves in order to be perfect, and that’s not a very motivating place to be.

We don’t need to be fixed, We need to grow

We, as humans, are not broken, and we don’t need fixing. However, we are driven by fulfillment and we need to experience a life of meaning. Sell-fulfillment is achieved when we satisfy our need to continuously grow, and our need to meaningfully contribute to the world. At times, we get so busy with our daily routine that we forget how important it is to fulfill our need to grow.

Your Career Growth

The trick is to sit down and ask yourself two questions: 1) What are the areas in your career or business where you would like to grow (for a set period of time)? & 2) How can you meaningfully contribute to the world through your work? From those questions, you can derive goals and sub-goals that are aligned with your purpose and that bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment to your life.

Starting your own business in 2017?

If part of your career growth is to start your own business and you thought you would achieve this in 2016 but didn’t, no problem! In a few days, you get to press the reset button. But before you do that, let’s clear out the 2016 unproductive thoughts and behaviours that held you back.

Huffington Post article: 
Consuela Dezso 
Career Transition & Business Coach


The Best Fall Fashion Trends for 2016

Have you noticed the shops are stocking up with the newest Fall Fashion trends?

The season looks to be an interesting one, with a balance between structured and flowing pieces. There seems to be a carryover from Spring to Fall looks with cold shoulder tops, bright pinks and yellows, floral, paisley and silky thin pieces. With the weather getting cooler you can wear these types of pieces by layering with a heavy jacket or coat.

In this article we will go over some favorite pieces for Fall that easily translate well to what you may have in your closet. (Faux) fur, capes and golden tones that resemble previous Fall trends. Pinstripes have joined the Fall trend lineup, among others.  (Be sure to check out my Special Gift to You at the bottom of this article!)

The Caplet

Capes and caplets do not seem to be going anywhere for a while. A caplet is usually a small cape and normally covers the shoulders. You will see these on dresses, blouses, sweaters or jackets. I’ve had these in my closet for years and you may have something similar in your closet too — take a look. Now you can wear them again.








Loose and flowy ruffles. Great for creating a whimsical or edgier spin on classics. Keep body shape in mind as you opt for ruffle filled pieces and use it to strategically highlight your assets.







Tan Hues

Find all the tan in your closet and wear it for Fall. Tan is the celebrated hue for Fall 2016 styles and you will see lots of it during the season.








Statement Choker

 Big trend in jewelry this season. I’m not too fond of jewelry close to my neck and if you are like me, look for pieces that drape away from the neck.

 chocker      statement-necklace

Pinstripe Styling

This is a throwback from the 80’s and has been updated a little. For instance, blazers do not have boxy shoulders, so do not pull those out of the closet. Look for well-tailored blazers and flattering trousers. If you have a bold style, go for pinstripe from head to bottom; it will look classy. You can also wear it as a visual highlight by selecting one piece (blazer or trouser).



Navy Coats

This piece will be timeless and classic in your wardrobe. Find something comfortable, classic and chic in navy.


Bold Fur

Fur is back and was all the trend last year, so you may have this in your closet already. Coats and vests from jewel tones to black, faux and real fur worn over classic and edgy styles.



Golden and Gilded Age

Golden hues on trousers, jackets, coats, dresses, blouses and many other pieces encased in gold tones.






Shearling Coats

Another 70‘s flashback, the shearling coat, was given an update for Fall 2016. The fit can be a loose comfortable fit or tailored fit. This can be a versatile piece, either dress it up or down with jeans and boots.






Velvet pieces were probably one of the most popular trends on the runway. From blouses to trousers, showing up in a number of styles and colors. To make velvet appropriate for 2016/17, stick to one piece per look (top or bottom) and make sure it’s figure flattering.







My Special Gift to You!

A-Z Fashion Guide for Fall 2016
Best fall preview styles for Women over 40



We’d love to hear your thoughts about what is your favorite trend for Fall! Post your comments below!

New York Fashion Week 2016 – The 6 Best Street Style Trends from New York Fashion Week

Which of these 6 styles is your favorite?

New York Fashion week kicks off a month of Fashion Shows that will take place in London, Milan and Paris, but the first week in the Big Apple (New York) is the most exciting.

But not all the action is happening on the runways; in fact, looking to the style on the streets can be an even greater indicator of where trends will be at for the next season in real time, on women in the street.

Fur Vest


Print Dress


Side Zipper Skirt, Print Dress & Pant



Monochronmatic looks


Military Coat


Leopard Dress



Over 40 Busy Moms, Career Professionals, and Baby Boomers! Fun Style Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

We are winding down to the last few weeks of summer. Labor Day is the last holiday of summer.

Do you have any idea what you are going to wear as you say goodbye to summer?

Here a couple of cute and comfortable ideas for your end of the season picnic, bar-b-que or backyard party.

                                                WHAT TO WEAR TO A BBQ, PARTY OR PICNIC!                


Demin chicos dress

coral chicos dress

maxi dress black white







cold should top

White ankle pants     shorts1





If you haven’t tried to wear a dress during the summer season, why not try one this weekend. For instance, the coral tank dress above is light, colorful and ever so comfortable. It flows with your body and does not show any body flaws. The black and white stripe dress is an easy way to hide body flaws as well. The diagonal stripes hide the stomach area and a little side split is all the rave. Of course how can you go wrong with denim, this is always a staple for all seasons.

Other easy pieces for the weekend include the cold-shoulder top, Bermuda shorts and white ankle pants. All are so comfortable and lightweight. Great for the hot weather!

Happy Labor Day!

Let me hear your comments!

How do you like these Labor Day outfits? What about wearing them after summer is officially over? Would you wear white in the fall?

#Fashion, #image, #moms, #babyboomers, #Laborday


10 Tips on How to Dress for Your Next Job Interview

Brenda was honored to be featured in Forbes Magazine with an interview about “How to Dress for Your Next Job Interview”

What you wear to your next job interview might be more important than you think. Why? Whether you like it or not, your appearance is the first thing people notice about you–and the hiring managers first impression may play a big part in his or her hiring decision.


Once upon a time, almost everyone wore business suits to job interviews.


“If you watch old television shows and movies from the 1950s, men wore suits and ties and women wore nice dresses pretty much everywhere,” says Andy Teach, author of From Graduation to Corporation, and host of the YouTube channel FromGradToCorp. “However, over the years, our society has become less conservative when it comes to dress code. Certain industries still require dressing conservatively but others have a more collegiate atmosphere and it’s not unusual to find employees wearing shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops to work. You probably don’t need to wear a suit and tie to a job interview at a laid back company, but that doesn’t mean you should dress too casually, either.”


“What you wear to your next job interview might be more important than you think. Why? Whether you like it or not, your appearance is the first thing people notice about you–and first impressions are usually formed within the first 30 seconds”, says Brenda Ferguson Hodges, a California-based image consultant and career coach. “Appearance affects hiring decisions and plays a major role. Hiring managers need to be able to visualize you in that position they are trying to fill.”


For cool evenings or wearing to the office, have a black or white blazer ready to go in order to match with any piece of clothing during the summer. One of these will match your summer wear and they are good for the evening when it’s cool. You can wear blazers with skirts, pants and dresses. Shawls also work well.


Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert and best-selling author, agrees. “On a job interview, your attire makes a statement about yourself before you even open your mouth,” she says. “A scuffed shoe, a messy bag, or a low cut shirt can speak volumes. You need to wear your ‘power outfit.’ Have a favorite skirt that always makes you feel great when you wear it? Why not pair that with a blazer? It’s okay to show off your personality through your clothes, as long as you aren’t wearing a lime green mini skirt. Stick to business-professional looks.”


Teach says that many, if not most hiring managers believe that people who dress appropriately for a job interview are more likely to be successful because they look the part. Conversely, those who dress inappropriately–too informal, for example–may be seen as having a more casual attitude toward work and authority, as well as possessing a lack of understanding of business etiquette. “It doesn’t matter if this is true or not; what matters is that this is the perception of many hiring managers. Make no mistake–you are being judged as soon as you walk into the room and the interviewer has made an initial impression of you in the first few seconds they see you based on how you look. That may not be fair but it is reality in many cases. An interviewer is expecting you to dress appropriately for the interview. If not, you are showing the interviewer that you don’t understand the basics of what it takes to be successful in the workplace. If this is the case, you already have one strike against you.”


“Your appearance not only shows that you’re taking the opportunity seriously, that you are eager to make a good impression, and that you’d fit in nicely within the corporate culture; it can also communicate that you have respect for the interviewer”, says Mark Strong, a life, career and executive coach based in New York.


Strong says about 80% of job candidates get it right; 20% don’t. “Some dress on the dumpy or casual side, while others are too made up.”


Other common mistakes: Skirts that are too short or tight, too much cleavage, scuffed shoes, excessive perfume or makeup, “or looking like you walked off the set of Working Girl circa 1985,” Williams says. “The most important thing you bring to an interview is confidence. What you wear and how you wear it helps convey that. If you aren’t comfortable in your outfit – that will come across in an interview.”


Ferguson Hodges says for many people, their “dress for success” training started with their parents, “but now, due to the state of the economy, people are so busy and are crunched to find a job, that they are not taking the time to get trained on the appropriate dress for interviewing.”


Why else might they fail to dress appropriately? Lack of interviewing experience, lack of knowledge, lack of common sense, and lack of research, Teach says. “But there really is no excuse for not dressing appropriately for a job interview.”


Another reason a job candidate might have difficulty determining what’s appropriate: The days of the “interview uniform” are over, Williams says. As Teach mentioned earlier, a suit isn’t always the right thing to wear anymore.


“The workplace has changed in leaps and bounds in the last 15 years,” she says. “Start-ups and tech companies have embraced a much more casual approach to what is appropriate at the office. It’s imperative to check out the office attire prior to showing up for the interview. It’s another bit of research that you can arm yourself with to give you an edge. If everyone at the office is wearing shorts and a T-Shirt and you arrive in a three-piece dark suit, you’ll be out of place and won’t fit in. Half the battle in interviewing is proving that you belong and can be part of the team.”


Strong says if you’re interviewing at company with a most casual dress code, dress as if you were going to a dinner party on a Saturday night. “When in doubt, bring a jacket and carry it with you. You can throw it on to formalize and leave it off to be more casual.”


He also reminds us that appropriate dress for an interview often varies by industry. “What one person wears for an advertising interview is very different from what a person wears for a financial services interview,” Strong explains. “My suggestion is dress a half step up from what the typical daily dress is for that given industry.”


Ferguson Hodges says as a rule of thumb, if you are interviewing for a professional, managerial, or executive position, always wear a suit. “If the position is more casual, you should still dress professionally, wearing a ‘business casual’ crisp outfit. Crisp meaning no wrinkles, stains, lint, holes, or snags. Absolutely no jeans for any jobs you are interviewing for even if you talk to people who are currently wearing jeans to work. They already have the job; you don’t yet.”


If you fail to dress appropriately, you could face severe consequences, Teach says. “For example, you might not get the job simply because of the way you look. Again, it doesn’t matter what you think is appropriate, it only matters what the hiring manager thinks is appropriate dress. You may only get one shot so you need to make it count. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you were the most qualified candidate for the position but you didn’t even get a second interview because of the way you look?”


10 Tips to Make a Good Impression at your next job interview

TIP #1:  Thoroughly research the company’s culture/typical dress code within the industry

Dress for SuccessIf you know anyone at the company you’re interviewing with, ask them about the environment and culture, Teach says. Call the company’s receptionist or Human Resources department and ask them what is recommended as far as dress code is concerned. “Even if the company has a laid back dress code in general, they may expect you to dress up for the initial interview. You can never go wrong overdressing for an interview.”



TIP #2:  Invest in a “power outfit”

Power OutfitDepending on the industry you’re in and the companies you’re interviewing for, buy a few outfits that are appropriate, professional, and, most importantly, comfortable. If possible, purchase a few outfits because you might be asked to return for a second or third interview.


“It’s worth spending the extra money on clothing that looks great, and you’ll get tons of use out of them,” Williams says.


She adds: “People don’t necessarily notice when you are put together but they 100% notice when you aren’t. It’s worth it to take the extra step.”



TIP #3:  Invest in comfortable, work-appropriate shoes

ShoesDon’t neglect your feet. You may have a beautiful, well-tailor outfit on—but if your shoes are tattered or uncomfortable, your overall appearance will suffer. You don’t have to spend a fortune; but keep in mind that you will likely get a lot of use out of these shoes when you start your new job.

Women can wear low, conservative, comfortable heals or “power flats”. Men should invest in a pair of loafers and lace-up dress shoes. In general, you want to avoid shoes that expose your toes.



TIP #4:  Have your interview outfits tailored and dry cleaned

Dry cleaning“It doesn’t hurt to tailor your work wardrobe to fit even better,” Williams says. You’ll feel better if your clothing fits properly—and you’ll appear more confident. “Spending $10 at the dry cleaners can dramatically change your outfit as well,” she says.



TIP #5:  Test-drive your interview outfit

Looking in mirrorYou probably tried on the clothing before you bought it, but when you get home, put the outfit on and spend a few minutes in it. Make sure you’re comfortable sitting and walking. “Practice your interview answers while you wear your interview outfit.” Strong suggests.



TIP #6:  Do not wear perfume or fragrances

No Fragrance“There are many people with allergies and have problems with scents and you don’t want your scent to be the first thing that enters the room,” Ferguson Hodges says.



TIP #7:  Pay attention to your accessories

Accessories“Accessories are important, too, whether you’re a male or female,” Ferguson Hodges says. “Make sure your shoes are polished and wear a nice belt. Don’t wear too much jewelry—and make sure what you do wear isn’t too large, distracting, or flashy. Watches are fine. For men, a non-flashy, non-sparkling watch and one ring would be fine. The key is to look professional and to look like you’d be a great fit within that company’s work culture.”


Amanda Sanders, a celebrity image and branding expert, says to wear neutral colored nail polish and avoid too much make up.



TIP #8:  Be aware of your posture and body language

Shaking handsGood posture and a solid handshake is important, Sanders says. “Always make eye contact and smile.”


Your body language is part of your overall appearance, so it’s imperative that you pay close attention to it.



TIP #9:  Pay attention to your grooming as much as your outfit

Manicure“Your hair should be neat, and fingernails should be clean,” Ferguson Hodges adds. You want to look nicely kempt from head to toe.



TIP #10:  Continue dressing for success, even after you land the job

Dress for Success“Once you get a job, always dress for the position you want, not the one you have.” Teach says. “Don’t emulate how your peers dress, dress how management dresses, if that’s what you aspire to.”








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