6 Feel Good Gifts for Mother’s Day!

From the best smelling and soothing candles to an invigorating Hot Stone Pedicure, these tactics are ones that I certainly enjoy, and can do over and over again.

Be Happy Be Fabulous Be You T-Shirt!

Vouluspa candles! Natural wick and soothing scents!


The best foot massager with heat!


Hot Stone Pedicure! Just heavenly.

All natural ingredients - my skin has never been better by using these products

Drunk Elephant Skin Care











Indian Springs Spa in Napa!

A hug or spending time with your kids is the best gift for Mother’s Day. But if they are living on another coast and your mother is no longer living, I think of ways to be happy on Mother’s Day and continue to feel good.

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Click the reply button and tell me How are you spending your Mother’s Day this year? What are you doing to feel good? 

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